Pounds Sterling Have Come to Cardmarket!

Development Update
12.10.2020 11:59

Pounds Sterling Have Come to Cardmarket!

You heard that right! All new United Kingdom accounts, starting today, will use Pounds sterling instead of Euros. This was a massive undertaking, and easily the largest project we have worked on in the last few years, and it is an important step in making Cardmarket a more accessible global marketplace moving forward.

What Does This Even Mean?

Put simply, all UK accounts made, starting today, will operate using Pounds sterling (£) instead of Euros (€). They will be able to deposit directly from their GBP bank accounts, without going through any conversions, and all purchases they make on the website will be done in Pounds sterling, even if they buy from Euro users.

This means that Cardmarket will handle currency conversions on site. Euro users will only see € prices and Pounds sterling users will only see £ prices. Conversion rates will be updated daily and can be manually updated in the event that there is a big shift, and conversion fees have already been applied to the price you see. Simply put, the price a Pounds sterling user sees on Euro user's offer is the price they pay, in Pounds sterling and the same is true for Euro users. You can see the current raw conversion rate Cardmarket uses on our help page.

How Does This Change Cardmarket For Me?

If you are not a UK user – nothing really changes. You can still use Cardmarket as you did before and you won't ever have to worry about conversion rates or anything else, because it's all automatically calculated into the price of any offer you see.

If you are a UK user, nothing will change about the operation of Cardmarket – you can use the site the same way everyone else does – but we hope being able to use your own home currency will improve the user experience and make the website more accessible for our UK users.

What If I Am Already a UK User with a Euro Account?

Great question! As of right now, the only way a UK user with a € account can have a £ account is by creating a new account. We understand that this is not practical, as you cannot bring over your user reviews and existing money / data. So, we are putting the final touches on a new feature that we will release in early November. This will allow existing UK users the option for a one-way migration to a £ account.

What's Next?

Well, to start, we need to make sure that pounds sterling accounts work just as well as Euro accounts now that they are accessible to the whole UK community. Ensuring this is our priority. But moving forward, the sky is the limit. We can relatively easily adapt this feature for other new currencies, and this should be thought of as the first step to making Cardmarket a more global marketplace.

We are very excited to see this new feature finally come to life and can't wait to tell you more about it as we work on bringing Cardmarket to the next level!

Happy Shopping!

Your Cardmarket Team