The Shopping Wizard Returns!

Development Update
31.03.2021 13:55

The Shopping Wizard Returns!

Dear Users,

Many of you already know about the outages last week. We already released a statement on that. Part of that statement establishes that we needed to suspend several features that were causing problems on our servers. We also promised to bring many of these features back over time.

The first feature we are bringing back, on a probation of sorts, is the Shopping Wizard.

New Shopping Wizard Restrictions

The Shopping Wizard was not the worst offender of the features we brought offline, but we still want to be careful about bringing back features that affected website stability. As such, we are bringing it back with a temporary restriction.

Users will be able to use the Shopping Wizard again, but only on wants lists containing 20 or fewer different cards (entries on the wants list). This will allow us to monitor website stability with the feature before giving users more freedom. We intend to increase this limit as soon as we're sure it's safe. We will keep users apprised of any changes we make to the shopping wizard or any of the other returning features.

Thank you for your patience and understanding,

Your Cardmarket Team