Cardmarket News - One global brand for all games

2017-10-10 18:25:13

MagicCardMarket, MagicKartenMarkt, YugiohCardMarket, PokemonCardMarket, WowCardMarket & SpoilsCardMarket will merge into CardMarket, a website for all of our trading card games.

Additionally, we'll use this name transfer to change to in order to build the basis for a global marketplace.

For you, nothing will change other than our name shortening. The marketplace features will be the same and you'll be redirected to the correct pages when you shop normally.

We're aiming to build a global brand for all TCGs, so stay tuned for new games on CardMarket!
Your CardMarket staff

We're hiring!

2017-06-02 17:26:59

CardMarket is looking for motivated and smart TCG passionate players to join our team in Berlin and keep our site working greatly!

That is why we have just created a jobs page. Take a look at the positions available and if you'd like to join our team don't hesitate to contact us!

Cardmarket Decks

2017-05-17 13:11:30

Tired of having to jump back and forth between your favorite netdecking website and Cardmarket?

Then we have good news for you: As of now you can get all in one hand, right here on Cardmarket.

Check out the new Cardmarket Decks page.

Finding the best offers

2015-07-07 14:25:44

If you are buying cards on Cardmarket and you would like to make sure you get the best offers, you should DEFINITELY make use of the following powerful tools:

* Wants List

The Wants List lets you manage all the cards you still need.

* Shopping Wizard

The Shopping Wizard will help you find the best combination of sellers and offers on Cardmarket, so that you get your needed cards at the best price!

We hope that you'll enjoy those tools that make shopping even easier!

The Cardmarket staff

Postal Strike in Germany - No end in sight

2015-07-03 14:23:58

The Postal Strike in Germany seems to go on forever... Many letters from and to Germany are heavily delayed.

So what should you do?

1. Be patient. There is nothing the seller or MKM can do to speed up things. We just have to wait for the strike to be over.

2. If an untracked order reaches the 30 days limit and the system asks you to either confirm arrival or mark the order as not arrived, please mark it as not arrived. If the letter does arrive at a later time, you can still confirm the arrival by going to Buying -> My purchases -> Not arrived orders, and then use the option DID ARRIVE.

3. Please remember that the seller is absolutely not to blame for this. It wouldn't be fair to give a bad feedback for the delay caused by the strike.

At least the sun is shining ;-)

The Cardmarket Support Crew