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Christmas Holidays 2019

2019-12-20 15:19:13

It's Christmas time!

Regarding business on Cardmarket, this means 3 things above all:

1. The post is slow. REALLY slow. In most European countries, postal activity in December is significantly slowed down, and between Dec 24th and Jan 6th, postal activity will basically stop entirely. So, if you have shipped an order or are waiting for an order, please be patient. Wait until Jan 10th before taking any action. You will likely find that all of your packages that seem lost will "magically re-appear" on January 7th.

2. People tend to be on vacations over the holidays and may not be checking for Cardmarket messages regularly. They could even be somewhere with no internet at all for the holiday break. Because of this, you should again be patient. Your issues will likely be solved after the holidays when everyone is home again.

3. We also need some vacation and thus our support crew is working part-time shifts from Dec 22 to Jan 2. We will of course make sure that all time-critical processes (like bank transfers and PayPal payments) are kept up, but we might not be able to reply to every message within 48 hours. So, if we're taking a long time to reply, please don't be angry at us and do not send your message another time. This will not accelerate the process.

So, overall, just "slow-roll it" and have a great holiday :-).

We would like to thank you for a fantastic 2019 here on Cardmarket and we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Your Cardmarket Team

Cardmarket Development Update: New and Improved User Offers Pages

2019-12-12 02:20:03

As of 11.12.2019, we have refactored the user offer pages. The release of these pages is one of the final steps in the process of making Cardmarket streamlined and completely responsive.

The User offer pages can be accessed by visiting any user profile that's not your own and clicking on a category of their inventory (e.g. singles.)

Main changes

  • These pages are now completely responsive and should be easier to use on both desktop and mobile.

  • We've added the ability to search through all products that a single user offers. This will allow you to search through their Singles, Boosters, Booster Boxes, and Sleeves at the same time with a single search phrase.

  • To access these pages, go to any user (except yourself) and click on "View all categories". from here, you can browse their inventory easier than ever before!

  • When browsing a certain category of a user (for example; Singles), you can filter for products by their rarity, condition, price, languages, whether they are in any of your wants lists, and much more!

Attention: Keep in mind that you will still see all your own offers in the legacy (old) view!

Happy buying!

Your Cardmarket Team

Cardmarket Development Update: New Helpdesk

2019-12-10 02:20:03

As of today, we released our new and improved helpdesk. The helpdesk is used to contact our support department. Most of the time, you'll use our shipment, account, or product pages to reach our support team, but the helpdesk page, accessed from the top menu at the top of the webpage, is another useful option for creating support tickets when you have encountered an issue on the website.

Changes Compared to the Current Helpdesk

We've simplified the way our helpdesk is structured. You are no longer required to enter multiple steps to identify your problem. The helpdesk is now separated into three categories:

  • I have a problem with a shipment.

  • I have a problem with my account.

  • I have another question.

We understand that every problem is different, but we've categorized the "I have another question" section with the following subjects:

  • I have a problem with a transaction.

  • I have a problem with a product on Cardmarket.

  • I have a problem with / question about the Cardmarket A.P.I.

  • I would like to report a bug.

  • I have a question about the Cardmarket Series.

  • I would like to provide feedback about the website.

  • Other

Whenever you use the contact form, you can provide a description and attachment. We also advise you to summarize your problem in one sentence in the "subject" line, as this really helps our support department process your tickets quickly.  

Be aware that if you have a problem with a shipment, product, or transaction, you are required to enter the respective ID. You can always find this ID by checking the shipment, product, or transaction that you have a problem with.

Accessing the Helpdesk Through Specific Pages

While you could access the helpdesk by clicking on "helpdesk" in the top menu, you can also reach these pages directly from a shipment, transaction details, Cardmarket Series tickets, a product on Cardmarket, or your account. To access the help desk from these pages, click on link in the top right. Accessing the helpdesk through this link automatically sets the category of your problem and passes relevant information such as a shipping ID or product name.

Behavior of Support Tickets in Overview

We've also slightly changed the behavior of tickets in your own ticket overview. On this page, you can directly view the tickets you currently have open with support as well as past tickets. Tickets have two states, "open" and "archived." Whenever a ticket has no activity for more than 30 days, the status is now automatically changed to archived. Responding to an archived ticket will automatically open it again, so creating a new ticket for an existing issue is no longer required.

Cardmarket Development Update: Let the World Know You Are a Proud Cardmarket Seller!

2019-12-09 16:41:01

As of 06.12.2019, Cardmarket is offering the ability for users to download a seller badge and a seller certificate.

Seller Badge

The seller badge is a unique way of showing off your (certified) Cardmarket seller status on another website or platform! All users who are active as a private, professional, or power seller on Cardmarket can download their personal badge and display it as they see fit.

  • To download the badge, go to Account > Profile. At the bottom of this page, you will see three buttons – two for downloading the badge and one to generate html code to embed the badge.

  • You can download this badge as a jpeg in either 300x300px or 500x500px.

  • Additionally, you can choose to generate HTML code that will allow you to embed your user badge on your own website or some other platform. The HTML code automatically makes your username visible on the badge and links to your public profile on Cardmarket!

Seller Certificate (Professional & Powersellers)

Professional and Powersellers now have the option to download a pdf that states they are a certified professional or power seller on Cardmarket. This is the perfect item to display your outstanding customer service, performance of sales, and dedication to the marketplace! You can print the certificate to hang on the wall in your office / local games store or even bring it to big events and display it at your booth!

  • To download the certificate, go to Account > Profile. At the bottom of this page you will see the possibility to download this certificate as a pdf.

A big thank you to all of our sellers that make Cardmarket the largest and most competitive marketplace in Europe!

Your Cardmarket Team

Finnish Postal Workers Strike from 11.11 to 24.11

2019-11-09 02:20:04

To Cardmarket Users,

From 11 Nov at 6:00 to 24 Nov at 00:00, Finnish post may be interrupted because of a PAU labor strike. Their full statement can be read here.

For Cardmarket users, this means that mail to, from, and within Finland could be disrupted between these dates. Please keep this in mind when using Cardmarket during this period.


Your Cardmarket Team