VAT Collection on Cardmarket

01.07.2021 12:24

VAT Collection on Cardmarket

Hello to all our Cardmarket users,

This article is meant primarily to inform our users about how VAT is collected on the website and under what circumstances customers are paying VAT to Cardmarket for orders.

Private customers in the European Union who buy from Pro Sellers outside the EU will pay a VAT on all orders that cost less than 150 €.

Private customers in Norway who buy from Pros outside of Norway will pay a VAT on all orders costing up to 3000 NOK (approx. 290 €). Finally, private customers in the UK who buy from Pros outside the UK will pay a VAT on all orders costing 135 £ or less.

For private users, this doesn't really affect your ordering process at all. Cardmarket marks any order that will have an additional VAT charge, which you can view in your shopping cart. This should help users factor in that information when deciding on purchases.

Happy Shopping!
Your Cardmarket Team