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The Basic Box of Awesomeness
The Basic Box of Awesomeness
Sealed products can only be sold if it is SEALED in its original packaging. Opened products cannot be sold. You have to sell it as a complete, sealed product.
Inside, you'll find five 39 card decks, one deck for each of the Trades. These decks were hand picked to provide new players a really good feel for what each of these trades can accomplish. The Arcanists tend to sneak past your defending characters and hammer your faction while the Gearsmiths will overwhelm you with weak, tiny mechanical creatures.

Also included in each box is a set of five random foil cards and a special foil resource card for each trade sporting some unique artwork.
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38,75 €
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21,17 €
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Product Information
(white box!) neu ovp sealed, good for draft
1 avail.
38,75 €
38,75 €
(black box), new and sealed, neu in OVP, for draft or sealed
1 avail.
38,75 €
38,75 €