Set Information

Star Wars: Destiny's Allies of Necessity Brings a Refreshing Change to Draft and Sealed Events

Star Wars: Destiny is getting a new draft set in Allies of Necessity, bringing a refreshing change to the format. The expansion provides a completely new 20-card kit to use instead of Rivals. While Rivals can still be used after this new release, it has already seen a lot of play and frequent draft players are in a need of new interesting options when deck building. Furthermore, the Allies of Necessity draft set matches better with Convergence boosters by including the new mechanics for Character subtypes and Downgrades.

The set features four Characters, each from a different color faction, guaranteeing the Characters you need to build your team. Notable Characters include Fenn Reu and a new version of Count Dooku. Just like in Rivals, the Characters from three different colors add up to more than 30 health points in this set. This means you either have to use the gray Clawdite Shapeshifter as your third Character, giving up one color or you have to try and find a cheaper alternative for one of the colored Characters.

Different Ratio of Cards Requires New Strategies

The focus in this draft set has been changed from Upgrades to Supports as it only includes two dice Upgrades, while there are three Support cards with dice rather than just one. Each of the Supports has a subtype, so this further helps increase usage of subtype-specific cards in your deck.

This set also includes four different Plot cards ranging from 2 to -2 cost. The single -2 cost Plot, Allies of Necessity has a high penalty. You start with no resources, you discard a card, and if those weren't enough, it still requires yout to find an extra Character from outside of this set. However, this might enable a strong combination of Characters who add up to 32 health points as a team. The high amount of Plot cards is somewhat surprising as this limits the amount of Event cards this set has to only three! This puts Events at a premium while drafting.

Promising Cards for the Constructed Format

While none of the cards in this draft set stand out as much as Hidden Motive did in Rivals, there are still some good cards for Constructed format, especially as rotation will thin the card pool of possible options when Convergence releases.

Count Dooku seems like a fine Upgrade over Anakin from Rivals as both cost 13 points for the Elite version. Although Anakin has one more damage side and an extra health, Dooku has no pay sides and has a strong ability, similar to the original Darth Vader from Awakenings that forces your opponents to discard a card from their hand at each turn. Another notable card from this set that will likely find success is Hired Muscle, thanks to its high value die sides and only 1 cost to play. Having only pay sides on the die is a burden, but the yellow faction has couple of options that allow you to resolve them for free, which can make this card shine. Count Dooku's Lightsaber is one of the few 2 cost melee Weapons with three melee sides. And without a pay side, it will surely find use in melee decks, especially in mono blue. Flank, which is a very good mitigation card for three or four wide decks, is a reprint - but a welcome one as it enables this card to be used the in Trilogy format as well. 

Allies of Necessity releases on the second quarter of 2019 with an MSRP of $14.95 (approx. 13,31 €).