Set Information

Allies of Necessity Brings a Refreshing Change to Draft and Sealed Events

This new draft set will bring a refreshing change to draft and sealed events, providing a completely new 20-card kit to use instead of Rivals. While Rivals can still be used post this new release, it has already seen a lot of play and frequent draft players are in a need of new interesting options when deck building. Furthermore, Allies of Necessity Draft Set will match better with Convergence boosters by including the new mechanics for Character subtypes and Downgrades.

Allies of Necessity will feature four characters, each from a different color faction to guarantee characters to build your team with. Notable characters include Fenn Reu and a new version of Count Dooku. Building a rainbow team of all three colors will now be possible with just the cards from this draft kit – the included -2 cost plot will make it possible. Even though the penalty for including it is high, it might pay off if you draft powerful cards from every color faction.

To find out more about Allies of Necessity come back end of March 2019 for more information.