Set Information

New and Fresh Metagame for the Standard Format in Convergence

Convergence changes the Star Wars: Destiny Standard meta considerably because this is the first set ever to trigger the rotation of older sets. Although some cards from Awakenings, Spirit of Rebellion, and Empire at War will get a reprint in this set, many staples are expected to leave the Standard format when the rotation happens.

Many iconic characters will also become unplayable on most tournaments, such as Emperor Palpatine. But this doesn't mean you can no longer play Sheev Palpatine in a competitive setting. A new version of the same character is introduced in Convergence: Palpatine - Unlimited Power. While his 10 health is not as impressive at first glance, his ability makes up for it by increasing his life by one point for each Ability Upgrade played on him. Furthermore, any Ability on him does not count towards the Upgrade limit. He has also the power action to roll one of those Ability dice into the pool without activating the Character. Another welcome return is Chewbacca. His new version has a large health pool, a cheaper Elite cost, and the Guardian keyword if you pair him up with another scoundrel. The thematic pair of Elite versions of Han Solo and Chewbacca is now a reality.

Convergence consists of two starter sets and separate booster packs, totaling 180 different cards. The theme of the starter sets is based on the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series, featuring Obi-Wan Kenobi and General Grievous as the main Characters. The boosters derive their theme from many different sources of Star Wars lore.

Bounties and Other Downgrades to Play on Your Opponent's Characters

As Characters are the central part of the game, so are the Upgrades played on them, giving enhancements and extra dice to the controlling player. Convergence brings a new card type you can attach to characters – Downgrades. These will work just like Upgrades, but you play them on your opponent's Characters instead.

Downgrades can be bounties that provide a bonus if you kill a Character with the Downgrade attached. For example, Wanted is a 0 cost Downgrade that gives you 2 Resource if you kill the attached Character. Downgrades can also be injuries that can worsen your opponent's characters. One such powerful Downgrade is Hampered. It prevents the attached Character dice from being resolved with modifiers and does not allow more than one to be resolved in a turn. Being 0 cost and Neutral, this card will likely find its way into several competitive decks.  Mind Extraction is an even more powerful Downgrade by blanking your opponent's Character Ability, unless it´s tied to a special symbol on their dice. However, it also comes with a higher cost and might be useful only in certain matchups, making it a meta-dependent choice when deckbuilding.

This set is also the first to take Character subtypes into use by making your deck or Characters benefit from having specific Characters in your team. Scoundrels can now benefit from Profiteering by resolving Resource sides right after rolling them. Mace Windu can give an extra Shield to a Jedi with his power action. Troopers can resolve blanks as 1 indirect damage with Advanced Training plot.

Convergence releases at the end of the first quarter of 2019 with an MSRP of $ 2.99 (2,99 €) per booster pack and $ 14.95 (14,95 €) per starter set.