Set Information

From the Old Republic to the First Order to the Galactic Empire

Convergence will change the Star Wars: Destiny Standard meta considerably because this is the first set ever to trigger rotation of older sets. Although some cards from Awakenings will get a reprint in this set, many staples are expected to leave the Standard format when the rotation happens. As the start of a new cycle of boosters, the expansion will also include two starter sets, featuring new versions of Obi-Wan Kenobi and General Grievous as the main characters.

Another big change will be the introduction of Downgrades in Convergence. These will work just like Upgrades – attached to Characters, but played on your opponent’s Characters to either hinder that Character or provide a bonus if you kill the Character with the Downgrade attached. This set will also be the first to take the Character subtypes into use, including adding specific types into your team like troopers or Jedi.

To find out more about Convergence, come back in early February 2019 for more information.