Set Information

New Win-Con Introduced Through New Type of Plot Cards: Missions

Covert Missions will bring 160 new cards to the Star Wars: Destiny trading card game, mostly focusing on the mechanics around sub-types, Downgrades, and Plots. The main theme of this set will be an opposition of two covert Missions: Construct the Death Star, a 2-cost plot for the Villain side and Destroy the Death Star, a 2-cost plot for the Hero side. Both plots will bring a new win condition to the game as the Villain side will have to accumulate 15 Resources on their plot to win the game, while the Hero side will have to deal damage from Vehicle and Pilot dice against their own plot to win.

The infamous Boba Fett will also be making a comeback in this new set along with his signature Vehicle Slave I. This new version of Boba Fett will be getting a lot of value from defeating a Character with multiple bounties. He must roll as many of his Character or Upgrade dice into the pool as there were bounties on the defeated Character.

To find out more about Covert Missions, check back early Q4-2019 for more information.