Set Information

Empire at War Brings Characters from Star Wars Rebels into the Game

This is the third set of boosters for Star Wars: Destiny, bringing 160 new cards into the game. The main theme of this expansion is the Star Wars Rebels animated series, bringing several characters from the show into the game: Kanan Jarrus, Ezra Bridger, Sabine Wren, Hera Syndulla, Seventh Sister, and Thrawn just to name a few. Most of them have already proven to be great and have been part of top meta decks since the set's release on 21 September 2017.

The thematic pairing of Elite Sabine and Elite Ezra reached Top 4 at the 2018 World Championship. That pairing has been nerfed ever since Sabine's point balance changed in the Standard format. However, Sabine still shows up in some tournaments thanks to her strong dice and a powerful ability that allows you to play a Weapon from the discard pile and activate it in one action. If the Weapon has Ambush, it allows you to resolve the dice right away before your opponent can even react.

Thrawn has been a top Character when it comes to more disruptive playstyles. By taking away key cards from your opponent’s hand or by reducing their mitigation options, you get to generate money for Weapons or Vehicles thanks to one side of his die giving 2 Resources. Thrawn also helps focus your dice thanks to the 2 Focus side.

Seventh Sister is extremely cost-efficient bringing three dice to the table for her Elite cost of 14 points. Her unique ability to roll in an extra ID9 Seeker Droid die during every activation has been useful in straightforward aggro decks that take advantage of the extra die. But she is also well-utilized in combo decks that try to activate her more than once per round.

New Powerful Weapons for Both Melee and Ranged Damage Decks

Two of the most expensive cards in this set until today are Legendary Weapons Ancient Lightsaber (from 18,99 €) and X-8 Night Sniper (from 14,40 €). Ancient Lightsaber has very good die sides for a 2 cost melee Weapon. However, its real strength lies in its ability to heal an attached Character by removing the Upgrade and placing it at the bottom of the deck. This means it can be repeatedly used thanks to the first ever tutor card released for this game that is also in this set: Lightsaber Pull.

On the other hand, X-8 Night Sniper is one of the few ranged Ambush Weapons that any deck can utilize if they rely on extra actions to resolve the dice before they can be mitigated. The ability to turn the dice to any side with only 1 cost is icing on the cake.

One of the most expensive Rares in Star Wars: Destiny also comes from this set. Shoto Lightsaber is a staple for many Blue melee decks thanks to its ability to generate free shields. Another card that have become a staple since Empire at War released is Chance Cube. Though it might feel like gambling when rolling this die into the pool and paying 1 Resource for it, it can net 2 Resources per turn if your deck has plenty of Focus sides available.

Vehicle Decks Finally Able to Become Top Tier

Empire at War enriches Star Wars: Destiny in various ways. One of the welcome changes this expansion brought to the meta is the rise of competitive Vehicle decks. The most important cards that helped achieve this are Tech Team, Y-Wing, T-47 Airspeeder, and Rally Aid.

Tech Team is a Neutral support that guarantees Resource generation for any Vehicle deck. Hero Vehicle decks also get more tools in the form of T-47 Airspeeder with very good die sides at only 2 cost and Rally Aid, which requires a bit more skill to play, but can make your deck ramp up fast. Y-Wing has a powerful special ability for a 3 cost support. This Vehicle forces your opponent to deal damage to their own Characters or lose Resources until they have dealt and lost a combined total of 4. If you play Y-Wing with the C-3PO from Spirit of Rebellion, you won't even care what your roll on those two dice will be because you can always resolve the special ability as long as both dice are in the pool.