Set Information

Legacies Starts a New Cycle of Boosters for Star Wars: Destiny

Each cycle in Star Wars: Destiny consists of three sets and has it´s own distinguishable packaging. With Legacies, the style was changed to white packaging and red text. As the start of a new cycle, this set consists of two starter packs and a set of boosters totaling 180 different cards of which 74 come with associated dice. The theme of both starter sets is based on Star Wars: Episode IV (1977) and Star Wars: Episode V (1980) while the booster pack characters and themes are from many different sources of the Star Wars canon including comic books, the animated series, and movies.

A New Card Type and A New Die Side Introduced

Up until this expansion was released, there was no benefit in using less than 30 points when building your team. While most top decks tried to use exactly 30 points, there were some exceptions, but none of them got any benefit for doing so. This changed when Plot cards were introduced in this expansion. You can utilize a Plot by using few of your team building points to benefit from that Plot. Plots in Legacies vary from 1 to 3 points.

One of the best Plots is Profitable Connection. It gives you one additional Resource at the beginning of the game, helping good Upgrades ramp up much quicker.  The 2 cost Plots in Legacies technically only gives you a small benefit. But if your team just uses 28 points anyway, there is no reason not to include at least one of them. Unfortunately, the only 1 cost Plot in this expansion is Espionage, which is only beneficial in mill decks.

Legacies introduces a new die side: indirect damage. It damages your opponent's Characters just as a melee or ranged damage would do, but your opponent can distribute the damage as they wish. This makes it less reliable when trying to quickly kill off a Character. However, indirect damage sides have bigger average values than other damage types, so it can pile up fast enough to kill all the Characters in your opponent's team.

Characters That Bring Consistency and Some of the Most Powerful Events

One of the best Characters in Star Wars: Destiny is from this expansion: Yoda – Wizened Master. Yoda has been a top meta Character since his release and for good reason. His Elite cost is only 13 points which make him a superb support Character. His dice don´t have a blank with three sides that can Focus your other dice. While the 2 Focus side is great, Yoda´s true flexibility and power comes from his special sides that can Focus other dice and additionally give another benefit like gaining a Resource.  If you turn another die to a special side, you can resolve it during the same action which makes it even harder for opponents to control your dice.

Villains also get a great support Character who is a bit less flexible to use, but has a cheaper Elite cost at 12 points: Mother Talzin. Her ability requires you to restrict your deck building options mostly to odd cost cards. But thanks to her cheap point cost and damage sides on her dice, Mother Talzin has proven to be a top contender in meta.

Other Characters that have been part of top meta decks are the new versions of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Doctor Aphra. Both have great abilities and good dice for their point cost. Aayla Secura used to also be a top contender until her point cost was increased for competitive play.

Legacies also includes some of the most powerful Events in the 1 cost range. Easy Pickings is a Hero-only Event that lets you remove two dice showing the same symbol and value, ignoring modifiers and Resource costs. Since you can also remove two dice with very high value for just 1 Resource, Easy Pickings can wreck a turn for your opponent.

Into the Garbage Chute is another Hero-only Event that costs considerably more to play, but is usable in a 3 or 4 Character-wide Vehicles deck where Character exhaustion is a small price to pay. Vandalize is also worth mentioning being a flexible card for permanently destroying cheap supports or Upgrades.

Legacies releases on 15 December 2017 with an MSRP of $ 2.99 (approx. 2,59 €) per booster pack and $ 14.95 (approx. 12,97 €) per starter set.