Set Information

Rivals Draft Set - A New Way to Play Star Wars: Destiny

Rivals Draft Set introduces Star Wars: Destiny players to two new formats: Draft and Sealed. It was possible to play those formats unofficially before this expansion was released, but this set finally guarantees that you can always build a working deck out of six opened boosters (or eight in the case of Sealed).

The reason why Draft in Star Wars: Destiny needed fixed base cards is because you always needed characters to build your team from. The set comes with four characters, each from a different color faction and all with a single die. Most decks built in Draft or Sealed will use a mix of characters from Draft Sets and the opened boosters. Rivals further balances the foundations of deck building by having four Upgrade cards and one Support card with dice. A few Events and two Battlefields are also included.

In the Draft format, every player starts with a Draft Set (which is meant to be reused in other Draft events) and six boosters from any set. Three of the boosters are opened and combined to make pack of cards. Each player then takes one card from the pack to keep and passes the rest to his left – this is repeated until there are no cards left to pass. The same is done with the last three booster packs, passing cards (this time to the right) until everyone has drafted 30 cards each which will then be used to play with the other Draft participants.

Players usually prefer to use boosters only from the latest set available. The reason for this is that playing a Draft or Sealed format is also a great way to buy new cards for your Star Wars CCG collection since you get to keep all the cards after the event. In a Draft event, you will most likely pay the same price for packs or even get a small discount, but with the extra value of playing with the drafted cards right away!

A Fun Format Where Anything is Possible

Draft and Sealed formats have similar rules for deck building as in Constructed formats. Your team must fit in 30 points and you can use blue, red, or yellow cards in your deck, but only if you have a Character that matches the color of your team. One big difference, however, is you can mix Hero and Villain cards in your deck or team. This opens fun combinations that were not previously not possible otherwise – ruthless villain Events on Hero characters, iconic Hero Supports in a Villain team, and so on. Some combinations can be even broken but usually a Draft event is a fun and balanced format for everyone. Even players with only a small or no previous collection of Star Wars: Destiny cards will have the same starting ground as everyone else. Experience is still important but not as much as in a Constructed format. Out of the two possible ways to play with the Rivals Draft Set, the Draft format is more popular and more fun. In Sealed, you have less control over the cards you can to choose to use, so your decks end up as less optimized.

New Staples for the Constructed Format

Rivals Draft Set had a limited release in December 2017 and was then more widely released in 15 February 2018. Cards in this set are also legal in Constructed and some have even become staples in certain decks. Since all the cards belong to the Neutral faction (yes, even the Characters), the desire to own two copies of Rivals for Constructed play is quite common.

The most widely used card in the set is Hidden Motive – a blue 0 cost die mitigation card that is almost an auto-include in any deck running blue. The card is useful thanks to its being free and having no play restrictions, plus it works well on most of the dice in the game.

The other cards worth mentioning are Fang Fighter and Anakin Skywalker – Conflicted Apprentice. Both cards have found home in many top tier decks. The elite version of Anakin was also used in the 2018 World Championship winning deck. To a lesser extent, Crafted Lightsaber and Verpine Sniper Rifle have also been used in successful decks, especially in Trilogy.