Set Information

More Subtype Synergies, New Downgrades, New Versions of Iconic Characters

Star Wars: Destiny is expanding on the two new mechanics the TCG introduced in Convergence – Character subtypes and Downgrades. In the latest set Spark of Hope, these mechanics are bringing even more cards that take advantage of synergies between your deck and characters. The theme of this booster set derives from various sources of the Star Wars canon including books, computer games, the animated series, and movies. Spark of Hope releases on 5 July 2019 with an MSRP of $ 2.99 (approx. 2,64 €) per booster pack.

The set introduces new Rey and Kylo Ren Characters with a special 0 cost plot that allows you to pair any version of these two characters as a Hero + Villain team – imagine including both hero and villain cards in the same deck! Thrawn also make a gruesome comeback as a new, damage-dealing Character who messes with your opponent’s cards in an even more cruel manner. His Power Action lets you play an Event from the top four cards of your opponent´s deck while spotting any of your opponent's cards as if they were yours. Additionally, Thrawn can look at the top four cards of the deck beforehand to ensure the success of the Power Action.

Another notable comeback character is Maul. Although his previous version is still legal in the Standard format, this new version is much more threatening with four damage sides and a Power Action that can deal damage to two Characters from the same die. Maul is also featured in Niman Mastery, helping  the Villain even further to deal maximum damage out of your Character and Upgrade dice.

The Droids You Were Looking For

Your beloved droid heroes C-3PO and R2-D2 are now featured as playable Characters! Their abilities work best when paired together as both benefit from spotting each other. C-3PO allows you to resolve one of your dice after activating him, increasing his value by one. R2-D2 allows you to focus one of your dice to any side after activation if you spot C-3PO. There´s also an accompanying plot, Fateful Companions, that lets you use one of those abilities an additional time.

There is more droid love in this set with three droid Characters, four new droid Supports, and four new droid specific Events that all synergize with each other, as well as with cards from previous sets. One of the more notable ones is a new version of IG-88, who now has three decent damage sides, is a Bounty Hunter, and can deal damage from one die to multiple Characters if you have played bounties on them.

First Dice-Less Characters Including Ewoks

Ewoks are finally making an appearance in the Star Wars: Destiny trading card game! A common Ewok Warrior is also one of the first dice-less Characters in the game. For only 4 cost, Ewok Warrior allows you to create a large team of Ewoks and use benefiting Events like Ewok Ambush. However, simple Ewok warriors need a unique Ewok Character to be included in your team. Wicket can fulfill this role and help you play Traps from your hand or discard pile. Traps are a new type of Downgrades that react thematically to the attached Character activation.

Dice-less Nightsister Zombie does little on her own, but can damage an opponent’s Characters if you have cursed them. Curses are also a new type of Downgrade introduced in this set and the most powerful of them is Possessed. This Curse lets you to resolve one of attached Character´s dice as if it were in your own dice pool.