Set Information

More Subtype Synergies, New Downgrades, and First Diceless Characters

Spark of Hope will be the latest Star Wars: Destiny set to come out this 2019 and it will expand on the two new mechanics introduced in Convergence, bringing Character subtypes and Downgrades even more cards that will take advantage of synergies between your deck and Characters. This set also promises to strengthen bounty hunters for Yellow Villains and new moves and masteries for Blue Heroes.

This set will also introduce new Rey and Kylo Ren characters with a special 0 cost plot that will allow you to pair any version of these two characters as a Villain + Hero team. Thrawn will make a gruesome comeback as a new, damage-dealing Character who will mess with your opponent’s cards in an even more cruel manner. Lastly, Ewoks are finally making an appearance in the game! A common Ewok Warrior will also be one of the first diceless Characters in the game.

Come back in June 2019 to find out more about Spark of Hope.