Set Information

Spirit of Rebellion: Few Excellent Characters but Still One of the Strongest Expansions

At the time of its release, Spirit of Rebellion almost doubled the card pool, bringing 160 new cards into Star Wars: Destiny. The theme of the set is based on many different sources of Star Wars canon with its strongest emphasis on the 2016 movie, Rogue One. Several characters from the movie found their way to the set, including Jyn Erso, Director Krennic, Chirrut Imwe, and Baze Malbus. But one of the most iconic characters in this set is from original Star Wars trilogy: Sheev Palpatine. He is also one of the most unique Characters in the card game. His Elite cost of 28 points means that with two dice he would be the only Character in your team. However, his 15 health, strong die sides, and very powerful ability (that deals 2 indirect damage to the opposing team regardless of which die side was resolved), make him a good one-Character team.

Other strong characters that are appearing in the meta are Unkar Plutt and FN-2199. Both have received point adjustments for the Standard format and are harder to include in a competitive deck, but they are still playable.

One character still very present in current meta is Maz Kanata whose ability and low cost make her a superb support Character in Hero decks. Her ability allows you to resolve two of your dice upon activation. This, combined with a focus side on two sides on both of her dice, gives you a reliable activation method, focusing some other powerful die to the best possible side, then resolving before your opponent can mitigate it.

Spirit of Rebellion may have brought various iconic characters to the game, but the main strength of this expansion is in the Upgrades.

Powerful Upgrades and Absolute Staples for Any Deck Running Blue

This is the set that brought Force Speed and Force Illusion to Star Wars: Destiny. Both cards being Neutral have found their purpose in almost any competitive deck running blue.

Force Speed is a 0 cost Upgrade that comes with a die – one of a very few in the game. It also comes with a very powerful special ability: Force Speed allows you to take two extra actions after resolving the special side, which occurs on three sides of the die. "Cheating" extra actions during your turns is very powerful because it adds speed to your deck towards claiming the battlefield. More importantly, it allows for many different combinations of actions to get your dice to the sides you want and then resolve them before your opponent can react.

Force Illusion is a 1 cost dice-less Upgrade that is an excellent card for keeping your Characters alive longer at the small expense of depleting your deck for the amount of damage dealt. If your opponent is resolving damage dice with modifiers, then this card can block huge amounts of damage to help swing the game in your favor.

Vibroknife and Fast Hands are two other Upgrades with power levels that were toned down by errata, but both are still very playable and have found their way in recent successful decks.

While Vehicles in this set are either too expensive or just too weak for its resource cost, support cards from this set have been staples for any Hero Vehicle deck from newer sets. They even found use in some aggro decks: 3-CPO is a unique 1 cost support that lets you resolve the other dice in the pool as if it was showing a different symbol. It doesn't even need you to roll any specific side for the effect; you just need the 3-CPO die in the pool, then remove it for the effect.

Spirit of Rebellion was released 4 May 2017 with an MSRP of $ 2.99 (approx. 2,64 €) per booster pack.