Set Information

A Surprise Release Before the Legacies Cycle Started

Two-Player Game releases on 1 September 2017 with an MSRP of $ 29.99 (approx. 26,00 €). Just a bit before the Legacies cycle started, no spoilers nor news were announced before the set hit the shelves during the Force Friday merchandising event. The cards in this set are still part of the Legacies cycle and are legal in the Standard format until 2020. This set releases before the Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017) hit the theaters and all the characters and their signature weapons are based on that movie.

All cards in this set have a fixed rarity and none of the cards are included more than once per box. This makes a double purchase very reasonable with no cards wasted. Since all the Characters only have a single die included in the box, you will need either another copy of the set or the accompanying single to play them as an Elite. Some of the Event cards in this set are reprints from Awakenings, but everything else is available only as a part of this product.

Four Amazing Characters for the Game

All Characters included in this expansion have shown up in top meta decks. Notably, the 2018 World Championship Finals was between two Characters from this set: Elite version Kylo Ren and Elite version Rey. Both are still played actively in tournaments and have even received new partners from newer sets. Kylo´s ability to deal 2 damage upon activation if you guess the color of your opponent's card is very powerful against monocolored decks but can still work against multicolored decks. Rey also has a great ability that can deal 1 damage upon activation, requiring at least one Shield on her to work, which is not hard to achieve for blue Hero decks.

While Poe Dameron has not been highly successful recently, he is still a strong Character with ranged damage sides and also provides a 2 Focus side and a special side. His special side can gain a Shield and turn another die to any side. A special side that can turn another die to any side can also be used for "special chaining". This means that if you take the standard action of resolving special sides and turn one of your die to a special side during that action, you can resolve it along with any other special sides before your opponent can react. Poe Dameron was paired up with Rey just after the set´s release for a very successful deck that won several events. In fact, a third of the cards in that deck was also from this starter set, which shows just how good the Characters and cards here.

Then there's Captain Phasma who was initially too good to be true and received point adjustments for competitive play very quickly. Now at the Elite cost of 14, she is still a very playable Character thanks to 3 damage sides on her dice – one of which gets stronger as the game progresses.

Signature Weapons That Are Useful Even When Not Attached to a Character

It is great to see designs wherein the card is already good enough to be playable in any deck but gains extra benefits when it attached to the named Character. Two-Player Game contains signature Weapons for all its four Characters.

Since Kylo Ren´s lightsaber was already released in Awakenings, his signature Weapon here is named Crossguard Lightsaber, although not a unique Upgrade. It is a 2 cost Weapon with three sides dealing damage, which makes it already a good card. However, you can deal one extra damage to a Character when you attach it to Kylo Ren.

Rey's Lightsaber is one of the best Upgrades in the game because it gives her 2 Shields to protect and enable her ability. This Upgrade also gives 1 Shield to any other Character when you play it. Good melee damage sides and Redeploy make it a good choice for any Hero melee deck running blue.

Captain Phasma's Blaster has damage on four sides of the die and has Redeploy if attached to Captain Phasma, which makes it a great Upgrade to play on her. In decks without Phasma, it can be riskier to play, but can still be a consideration thanks to its damage sides.

Poe Dameron's Blaster is a 2 cost Weapon with a special side that deals 2 damage, but 3 damage if attached to Poe. With Poe´s ability to special chain it to 3 damage, his Blaster becomes a real threat.

Although there are more Events and Supports in Two-Player Game that are more crucial to some decks, none of them are as widely used as Sound the Alarm. As a Neutral grey 0 cost Event, it allows you to reroll any number of the opponent's dice showing damage – a great lifesaver for those opposing god rolls that are playable in any deck.