Set Information

Star Wars: Destiny Visits the Last Jedi in Their Latest Expansion – Way of the Force

Star Wars: Destiny's Way of the Force was released all over the world throughout July 2018 and brought with it Fantasy Flight's vision of a Star Wars CCG. The expansion features 160 new cards and revisits the Star Wars Saga's most iconic characters, including some of their modern incarnations. Luke Skywalker -Reluctant instructor, for example, is a new Jedi card modeled after the character's Star Wars: The Last Jedi appearance. The card allows players to move Skywalker's Blue abilities to any other Blue character. Additionally, Skywalker can resolve the shield sides of the dice as though they were melee damage.

Other popular characters like Count Dooku, General Grievous, General Leia Organa, and Anakin Skywalker appear with new cards as well, so get out there and collect your favorite Star Wars characters.

Way of the Force booster packs come with a manufacturer standard retail price (MSRP) of 2,99 €.

The Empire – Origins, Original Trilogy, and the Ongoing

Representatives throughout the Empire's history are present in this expansion, from Count Dooku – Darth Tyranus, a Sith character that can manipulate yours and your opponent's character dice to Snoke - Supreme Leader, who can deal damage to your characters to increase the value of said character's dice by two. From the original trilogy, you have classic villains like Jabba the Hut – Renowned Gangster, who deals indirect damage to your opponents. If Darth Vader is more up your alley, then events like Lack of Faith can instantly remove all of a character's character dice when they are worth 15 points or more – a good way to manipulate your character's point value.

Heroes from All Throughout the Star Wars Timeline Come Together

The villains aren't the only major Star Wars characters though. Unsurprisingly, the heroes are also present in this expansion, from the venerable Gungan Leader, Boss Nass – Bombastic Ruler, who can deal indirect damage to your opponent whenever you activate a Gungan to Leia Organa – Heart of the Resistance, who's capable of removing one of your character dice to discard cards from the top of your deck. Anakin Skywalker – Podracing Prodigy, from his podracing days, also makes an appearance. He can turn any droid or podracer dice to any side when activated.

Whatever your preference, Way of the Force has got you covered! So, get out there and roll those dice!