FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

User Account

The username cannot be changed. It may be changed only by the Customer Support and only if there is a valid reason for a change (like an offensive username or a trademark/copyright violation).

All your personal data can be changed in your user profile:

My account -> My profile

Please note that your username and the real name you input cannot be changed. If you made a mistake or decide you want / need to change them later, please contact our Customer support with a picture / scan of a valid document with your new information.

No, we do not allow users to share accounts.
No, we do not generally allow users to have multiple accounts.
The bank wires necessary to complete seller activation are sent out once per working day at about 16:00h. From there on, it depends on the banks involved, but usually a SEPA transfer takes 2 business days. Thus you should expect to receive the two wires about 3 business days after you requested seller activation.
If you have forgotten your password or username, you may request a new one by using the links "Forgotten?" next to the login area. Please note: Due to our current email server issues, you will not be able to recover your password or username if you are registered with Web.de, GMX or T-Online. If you need to recover your password, we will need you to send and e-mail to support@cardmarket.com, providing the following information:
  • Your username (if you recall it)
  • The new email-address you would like to use.
  • A photo of your ID.
This will allow us to update your email address and generate a new password for you. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.
If you have lost your device or cannot get into your account, please go to this link and enter the necessary details to regain access to your account.

The vacation mode is only relevant if you are a seller on Cardmarket. When your account is in vacation mode, other users cannot buy from you, thus you cannot sell anything. You may switch your vacation status at any time in your user profile.

Registration on Cardmarket is limited to the available countries. If you cannot find your country in the list, you cannot open a user account.

If you would like to buy on Cardmarket from a country that is not supported, you may do so via a buying agent (i.e. a friend that lives in Europe and can buy for you), or using a mail forwarding service like for example: Mailboxde.com or myGermany.com.

Please do not open a user account with "another" country, this usually leads to serious delivery issues.

All message attachments are deleted after six months to free up storage on Cardmarket. Please back up any photos you want to keep from old messages.

Buying & Payment

Shipping costs are set by Cardmarket. They depend on the shipment size, weight, and value and, of course, on the origin and destination of the shipment.

You can find all the details on our Shipping Cost page.

Registered shipping is mandatory for:

  • Any shipment worth more than 25,00 €.
  • Some shipments worth more than 10,00 € from a new seller.
  • Some shipments from a new seller when they have "too many" shipments currently sent but not yet arrived.
  • Any shipment from a seller with a loss rate > 2%.
At least one of your orders uses the Trustee service, which makes sure that the seller is only paid once you have received the order.

The fee is calculated by the following rule:

  • If the postal insurance value is less than the shipment value: 1% of the merchandise value
  • If the shipment value is > 100,00 €, the insurance fully covers it and either buyer or seller are professional: 0% (no trustee fee)
  • In all other cases (default): 0.5% of the merchandise value
You may credit your user account with bank transfer or by cashing in a Cardmarket coupon. If you have unpaid orders, you may also pay with PayPal or SOFORT transfer.

There are two ways to pay with PayPal on Cardmarket: Either directly when checking out the Shopping Cart or in your Unpaid orders menu.

Please use one of those links to be forwarded to PayPal and pay your orders. Please note that you must use your own PayPal account. We will not accept PayPal payments from another person's account.

Please use the following link if you wish to credit your account using a bank wire: https://www.cardmarket.com/Account/Finance/Payment/Deferred

To use a Cardmarket coupon to pay for your orders, you have to cash it in to your user account. Please navigate to:

Account -> Coupon and then choose "Redeem Coupons"

Simply enter your coupon code and you will instantly receive your credit on your user account.

PayPal payments are usually directly credited to your user account. Exceptions are:
  • Your payment has to be processed manually. This will take a few hours maximum.
  • Your payment has been rejected. In that case, the money has already been transferred back to your PayPal account. Please check your PayPal account.

If you have paid with bank wire, please note that a SEPA bank wire takes 2-3 business days to be transfered. If you have sent the money on a friday afternoon or on a week-end day, you will very likely receive it on Wednesday of the next week. Please note, that this is the standard duration for bank wires, we have no way to accelerate this.

If you have paid more than 5 business days ago and the money still has not been credited to your account, please contact our Customer Support with all the details of the missing transfer (Account number, exact amount and transfer date).

If you would like to pay "extra money" (like for example new or more expensive shipping costs), please use the function "Refund & Extra Payment" that you will find in the options menu in the shipment.

In order to offer an extra payment you need to have enough credit on your Cardmarket account. If there is no money available, you'll have to credit your account first.

Upon offering the extra payment, the corresponding amount will be deduced from your Cardmarket account.

If you should not be able/allowed to make an extra payment, you may also buy a Cardmarket coupon and send the coupon code to the seller.

You receive special credit when crediting your account via PayPal or by cashing in a Coupon. You can use it for purchases on Cardmarket just like your normal credit, but you cannot cash it out again. This is a necessary security measure.
If there's a credit to your Cardmarket account (because you deposited money, got paid for a sale or received a refund), shipments are paid in chronological order (i.e. the "oldest" open order first). However, if the incoming credit is no sufficient to pay for the first open shipment, the system will then try to pay as many shipments as possible, thus it will rather leave a large shipment unpaid and pay smaller shipment that was placed at a later time than to not pay anything at all.
You can only add to cart from that list if you have completed more than 5 purchases (that means they need to be closed).

Selling & Shipping

Once the buyer has paid for a shipment, you will get the info and task to ship it. You will receive payment for the shipment:
  • upon confirming shipping if the order is untracked.
  • upon arrival confirmation if the order uses our trustee service
The amount will always be paid out to your Cardmarket account. The sales commission will be automatically deduced.

If you are selling 1-16 single cards, you should:

  1. Put the cards into sleeves (max. 4 cards per sleeve)
  2. Seal the sleeve with adhesive tape.
    Use a piece of paper between tape and the sleeve opening to prevent the tape from touching the cards.
  3. Fix the sleeve(s) on rigid cardboard (e.g. a postcard, but not "normal" paper).
  4. Use another piece of cardboard to "cover" the cards from the other side.
    You may of course use a toploader, but only 1 card per toploader. And you need cardboard in addition.
  5. Send in a normal envelop.

Bubble envelopes are not a suitable protection for trading card shipments. We do not recommend to use bubble envelopes

For larger orders, we recommend to use piles of cards that you wrap into paper (like a present ;-)) to form a block.
Make sure to fix and protect the block in a box or big envelope.

We do not recommend using the "Mint" grade for the vast majority of cards. The "Mint" grade carries more weight than any of the other card grades on our scale. If a buyer complains about a "Mint" grade, the responsibility for proving that grade lies entirely with the seller. If you're not sure, don't use the "Mint" grade or have your card professionally graded.
Some cards cannot be obtained during a pre-release event (like Buy-A-Box promos in Magic). These cards cannot be sold before actual product release.
Once the respective Asian or OCG expansion is available on Cardmarket, you may list any cards from that expansion. Please keep in mind that you cannot list Asia-specific cards on Western product pages, even if you leave a comment explaining it. This also, of course, means that you cannot list Western cards of Asian expansions. If you have any questions about which expansions are available, check the expansion page of the respective game (here's the Pokemon page as an example).
You can only add a card scan at the moment when you put the card for sale. To add a scan, use the corresponding link in the selling form. The following limits apply:

  • You may only upload one scan per offer.
  • You may only upload image files (JPG, PNG, TIFF)
  • The maximum file size is 1 MB.

Please note that adding a scan to an existing offer is not possible. To add a scan to an existing offer, you'd have to delete that offer and list the card again with a scan.

If you would like to make a refund, please use the function "Refund & Extra Payment" that you will find in the options menu in the shipment.

You need to have enough credit on your Cardmarket account for the refund. If there is no money available, you'll have to credit your account first. Upon offering the refund, the corresponding amount will be deduced from your Cardmarket account.

Professional sellers may participate in unlimited presales on Cardmarket if they fulfill the following requirements:
  • Running a game-related business
  • Sell on Cardmarket for more than a year
  • Have completed at least 1.000 sales
If this applies to you, please contact Customer Support to ask to be activated for presales.

If you run a business in the trading card domain, you may open a professional account.

To open a professional account, just use our "Register" function, choose "professional" as account type and follow the instructions.

Based on the evaluations you receive, you will have a "seller rank", visualized by a star symbol. The "seller rank" is calculated as follows:

  • Only general evaluations are taken into account
  • Only the last 100 evaluations or the last month (whichever is greater) is taken into account
  • Unsent and lost shipments will negatively affect your seller rank
The requisites for the different seller ranks are:

  • Outstanding seller (a gold star on a blue background): min. 36 evaluations, min. 97% very good, max. 1% neutral or bad
  • Very good seller (a gold star): min. 36 evaluations, min. 92% very good, max. 3% neutral or bad
  • Good seller (a silver star): min. 6 evaluations, max. 4% neutral, max. 2% bad
  • New seller (no star): less than 5 evaluations, no neutral or negative feedback.

Any seller with worse stats will be listed as a bad seller (Symbol: red dot). We do not recommend to buy from these sellers.

Yes, you can appeal evaluations. In the shipment details, you will find a button on the right-hand side labeled "Request Evaluation Cancellation". This is only available for evaluations made in the last 14 days and rated less than "Very Good." If the buyer rejects your cancellation request, you will be given the option to appeal to our evaluation compliance team.

The CN22 customs form is used to declare the value of a shipment when sending outside the Euopean Union. It is a very simple document, presenting 4 fields that have to be filled out:

  1. Choice of content: Please choose Other.
  2. Description: Toys is appropriate here.
  3. Weight: The weight of the letter
  4. Value: The article value as stated in the Cardmarket order.

Add date and sign and that's it.

You should get a CN22 form sticker at your local post office. If this is not working, you may print this form for example and glue it to your letter.

The automatically generated price suggestions are as follows:
  • LOW: The lowest available price
  • AVG: The average price of all current offers
  • SELL: The average sale price in the last 28 days
  • TREND: The trend price (based on a linear regression of the last 28 selling days)
  • MY: Your own price, if you are currently selling an identical article
If your user account is on vacation mode and you cannot return from vacation, your account has been suspended by our Customer Support due to critical problems with your selling activity. Please contact Customer Support to find a solution to this.
Only professional sellers are allowed to offer more than two of any given sealed product or accessory.
The SHIPPING COST ESTIMATION for Courier Parcel with full insurance is an estimation of the shipping costs for any order that does not have a specific associated shipping method (due to high value, measurements or weight). In such a case, the seller tries to find an appropriate shipping method with a postal service and refunds the difference to the buyer (or the buyer pays the difference needed). An agreement about the shipping costs has to be found prior to sending the order.