Save Time... by Saving Filters

2019-09-11 11:59:43

Many of our players have previously asked for feature and now it's here: save your filters!

If you usually only buy cards of a specific condition (e.g. language, quantity, or seller rating), you can now pre-apply these filters for any time you're logged in.

Simply set the filter in your account settings page. This way, it will automatically apply when browsing through cards. You can, of course, always adjust the filter the normal way on the product page itself.

Happy trading,
your Cardmarket team

We are hiring. Software Test Engineer wanted!

2019-08-28 11:26:58

Cardmarket is looking for someone passionate, motivated, and smart to join our team in Berlin as a Software Test Engineer!

Take a look at our Jobs page and join our team today!

Your Cardmarket Team

Update and Clarification on Data Leaks

2019-07-03 08:57:04

We strive to be open with all our customers and are grateful that you've come to us with your concerns. To this end, we want to clarify some answers to repeat questions:

1) Your account is safe! We want to be sure you know that we have closed the gap in our security and that your account is fully protected now. You can buy and sell cards as usual.

2) No financial data of any kind was leaked! We take extra precautions with our financial data, putting it on another double secured server to ensure no one can get access to it.

3) No leaked data are used! We have investigated and taken steps to ensure that all of the leaked data has been taken down. No users have reported any fraudulent activity associated with this leak and we are working closely with authorities.

We again offer our apologies for this situation and we will further continue to invest in our security systems to ensure that your data won't be compromised again.

Update: Important Notice About Data Protection

2019-06-28 19:04:31

We have an important update regarding the announced data leak on Cardmarket:
Unfortunately, we recently learned that data other than the encrypted (thus unusable) password data was taken in the illegally obtained leak, including:
1. First and last names
2. Dates of birth (if provided)
3. E-Mail addresses
3. Phone numbers (if provided)
This data was temporarily made public last week. The leaked data is no longer online or accessible.
We are deeply sorry about this incident and can assure you that we have taken all necessary steps to ensure your Cardmarket accounts won't be compromised again.

E-Mail Communication / Password Reset

2019-06-28 13:58:10

Our e-mail servers are currently handling a very high amount of traffic. Therefore e-mail communication with Cardmarket is heavily delayed. E-Mails may take several hours to be sent/received.

Unfortunately this does also affect password reset emails. So if you have requested a password reset but have not yet received the e-mail with the reset link, please wait. Requesting another reset or contacting our Customer Support will not speed up the process.

We are sorry for the additional inconveniences.