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The Show Must Go On with D Booster Set 02 A Brush with the Legends

The second main Booster Set in Cardfight!! Vanguard D has arrived and is here to stay. D series brought major changes to the game as we know it, some for the competitive players and some for the casual fanbase. However, no one can deny the success that the new format has, and A Brush with the Legends’ job is to keep the hype at an all-time maximum.  A Brush with the Legends introduces the “Encounter” cards, units from the past that were featured in the lore, and now returning to the D Series. Who were the chosen units that will star in the new format? Let’s find out.

D Booster Set 02 includes 120 cards (ten RRR, 15 RR, 30 R, and 65 C) plus 92 Parallel cards (two DSR, 40 SP, 50 H), and includes support for the five major Nations: Dragon Empire, Dark States, Brandt Gate, Keter Sanctuary, and Stoicheia. The MSRP of each booster pack is 4,00 € and it releases on 23 July 2021.

Trickstar Evolves to Vairina Erger!

Since nowadays there are only five nations to support, each set is a treat to all players regardless of what they play. Even with so much to talk about, the unit that made the cover of the set has the spotlight. Vairina Erger is the latest upgrade of Vairina, the first unit that uses the [overDress] mechanic. Erger can perform [overDress] after Trickstar attacks the opposite Vanguard. And when it enters the battlefield due to this mechanic, by paying [Soul Blast (2)], Vairina Counter Charges (1). Erger also gets [Power]+10000/[Shield]+10000 while in the [overDress] state - making this effect is also active on the opponent's turn, which makes this card a great asset offensively and defensively.

Fire and Shadows Dance Once Again

The chosen "Encounter" units were the two most iconic dragons that set foot on Cray years before the D Series timeline. One is known as Apocalyptic Flame while the other is Father of the Abyss. They're Dragonic Overlord from the late Kagero clan and Phantom Blaster Dragon of Shadow Paladin. Bushiroad made sure that the power level of the Encounter cards was not overwhelming nor unplayable, and their effects have many similarities to their original ones.

Dragonic Overlord was the first main boss card of his clan, and all his iterations have some self [Stand] effect. In D Series, when Dragonic Overlord attack hits, by paying [Counter Blast (1)] and discarding a card, he gets to [Stand] and [Drive]-1 until end of turn. To make sure that the first attack connects, when the Overlord attacks a Rear-Guard, the opponent cannot call cards from their hand to the (GC).

On the other hand, Phantom Blaster Dragon in Shadow Paladin fashion doesn't mind sacrificing a few pawns to get what he wants. By paying [Counter Blast (1)] and retiring three Rear-Guards, PBD chooses up to two opposite Rear-Guards, retires them, and gets [Power]+10000/[Critical]+1 until the end of turn. Since fodder is expensive in this format, when Phantom Blaster Dragon is placed on the (VC), he calls a card with "Blaster" from his soul to the (RC). 

Both dragons seem far from being overpowered in the D meta. While that might be upsetting for the more avid fans, the overall community is happy with how Bushiroad is dealing with the Encounter Cards.