Set Information

Start Your March with a BanG!

Six years ago, Bushiroad created BanG Dream!, a franchise based around all-female musical bands whose members are also the voice actresses in the anime and mobile games. The series has enjoyed international popularity, especially for its live performances. The company quickly concluded that a collaboration between their bestselling trading card game and their rising music media franchise would be praised by the fans, and thus V Title Booster 01: BanG Dream! FILM LIVE was announced to the delight of the masses.

BanG Dream! FILM LIVE introduces the "BanG Dream!" clan and Imaginary Gift: Force associated with it. It includes 60 cards (five VR, five RRR, 11 RR, 10 R, and 29 C) plus an astounding 67 Parallel cards (30 SSR, 30 SP, and seven SCR). Note that SP cards are signed by their characters and SSR cards are signed by their voice actors. Each pack includes a random holographic version of any R and C and each display includes one of three promo cards at random, between a redesigned BanG Dream! Quick Shield or Force I and II gift markers. The bling gods are certainly satiated with this collection! V Title Booster 01 launchsd in the western world on 5 March 2021 and the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of each booster pack is still 4,00 €.

The Collaboration of a Lifetime

The fun part of this collaboration is that each subclan of BanG Dream! represents one band from the anime, and in V Title Booster 01, we have six different groups of talented musicians: "Poppin'Party", "Afterglow", "PastelPalettes", "Roselia", "Hello, Happy World!", and "RAISE A SUILEN". But can they Cardfight!! as well as sing?

The BanG Dream! subclans uses a subtype Order cards named Music. When a Music Order is played, it goes to the back row center Rear-Guard circle, however, in all other respects, playing a Music Order follows the same rules as playing a regular Order card. All lead singers for each band have a once per turn secondary ability that tutors one Music card for their respective band by paying [Counter Blast (1)], so the best tune is always available at the right time!

Sparkly Stage, Kasumi Toyama is the lead singer of Poppin'Party, and when she’s with the full band on the battlefield, her continuous ability activates, where all her front row Rear-Guards get the trigger effects that Kasumi gets from Drive Checks. In other words, a [Critical] trigger means three [Critical] triggers!

In similar fashion, Afterglow, and Important Friends, Ran Mitake want to leave their mark in the battlefield and they achieve this by powering up their most threatening units. By [Rest]ing up to two Rear-Guards, Mitake chooses that number of units and gives them [Power]+10000. Combine that with a few more offensive choices and victory can be accomplished.

Growth of Feelings, Aya Maruyama relies on her beliefs to boost her friends, giving [Power]+5000 to all of them if she has five or more different card names in her soul. If she has eight or more, they get +10000 instead, so watch her soul closely!

Roselia fans knows that they can never down a challenge, so Blue Rose Diva, Yukina Minato gets a [Power]+5000 for each grade of their opponent’s Vanguard. The only condition is you need to also play a Roselia Music during that turn, but that can be easily achievable with her tutor ability!

V Title Boosters are a great way to unite two different communities and maximize the reach of both products. Even if the V Series meta isn't going to be flipped on its head by this, collecting your favorite band can be the perfect way to introduce new players to Cardfight!! Vanguard. The best part of this great game is that there isn’t a correct way of enjoying it, so go wild. The stage is all yours.