Set Information

When in Asia, Do as the Asians Do

Champions of the Asia Circuit hit the shelves on 31 August 2018. It is the second Extra Booster of the V Series, providing support for three secondary characters of great importance in the anime storyline: Leon Soryu (Aqua Force), Kenji Mitsusada (Dimensional Police), and Gouki Daimonji (Granblue). This booster includes 58 cards (3 VR, 6 RRR, 8 RR, 13 R, 28 C, 3 SVR, and 3 OR) and they should have a major impact on the Standard meta. The average price (MSRP) of Champions of the Asia Circuit is 4,00 €.

Why Attack Once When You Can Attack Twice?

Each of the featured clans in Champions of the Asia Circuit use different resources and strategies to win the game.

Aqua Force has always been a fan favourite. Even Takaaki Kidani, Bushiroad’s CEO, publicly admitted that this clan was, in fact, his favourite. The main strategy is to attack several times and trigger abilities according to the number of attacks made in that battle phase. Triggering Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstrom’s second ability is the focus of the deck: If an Aqua Force rear-guard hits the opposing Vanguard in the third or fourth battle of that turn, the player can discard two cards and [Stand] Maelstrom. This allows the player to attack twice with their Vanguard and perform a total of four drive checks per turn. This clan uses the "Imaginary Gift" Accel, assisting in the player’s quest on performing extra attacks.

Just like the Aqua dragon, the Dimensional Police has its own way of performing extra drive checks in this set. Super Dimensional Robo, Daiyusha and his evolved counterpart Ultimate Dimensional Robo, Great Daiyusha are back with better effects. Once again, Daiyusha gets an extra critical when he reaches a certain threshold of [Power] and the deck itself invests in reaching said threshold as soon as possible. However, Great Daiyusha got a major remodel, triggering his main ability on the player’s hand. At the end of the battle in which the Dimensional Police player’s Vanguard attacks, if his [Power] is 45000 or higher, he can superior [Ride] Great Daiyusha as [Stand] and attack again. But this effect can’t be activated if the attacking Vanguard was ridden this turn, preventing the player from triggering Great Daiyusha’s effect twice or more in a single turn. The Dimensional Police uses Force as its "Imaginary Gift", reaching the [Power] threshold a lot easier.

Finally, we have Pirates. Granblue is back with some old units, like King of Demonic Seas, Basskirk and Ruin Shade. The drop zone has always been the main resource of Granblue and this booster didn’t change the original recipe, using and abusing this zone for their own profit. However, Champions of the Asia Circuit added a specific number of cards to reach in the drop zone (ten), increasing permanently the [Power] of a lot of units or upgrading their own abilities. The deck has a lot of options and ways to generate advantage and to hit the opponent with large rear-guards. The Protect "Imaginary Gift" gives Granblue players the time needed to reach those ten cards in the drop zone.

Meta-Breakdown in Champions of the Asia Circuit

With the release of this Extra Booster, the Standard format will have ten different clans now available. These three clans have always been well represented, some even dominated past formats. That certainly won’t change. Old and new players of Aqua Force, Dimensional Police, and Granblue can be certain that their favorite deck will now have a voice in the upcoming qualifiers.