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Color Your Life with Colorful Pastorale Supply Gift Set

Bushiroad usually spoils the Japanese players with special premium sets. Fortunately, the English players have called out and Bushiroad is offering them their own special series with Colorful Pastorale Supply Gift Set. This expansion is a unique Bermuda Triangle collection celebrating the spin-off series of the Cardfight!! Vanguard anime named Colorful Pastorale. The gift set includes five foil Bermuda Triangle promo cards, five foil Force Gift Markers, a large-sized storage box, a deck holder, and a 70-piece card sleeve pack. The Japanese version also includes a rubber playmat and a Blu-ray Disc with all 12 episodes of the Bermuda Triangle: Colorful Pastorale anime series, while the English version includes an exclusive set of three dice with the Bermuda clan icon. The manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of each gift set is 100,00 €.

Once Upon a Time, There Were Five Little Mermaids

The anime series tells the story of five mermaids: Sonata, Canon, Serena, Fina, and Caro. This group of friends lived far from the main city in the peaceful village of Parrel with only one goal: to live life fully with a lot of adventures and a lot of snack cakes. In twelve episodes, the mermaids share many tales of companionship and happiness with the anime humor that’s a given in the Cardfight!! anime series.

On the battlefield, all are grade 1 cards with 8000 [Power] and with the [Melody] keyword. [Melody] is a keyword exclusive to the Bermuda Triangle clan and its effect resembles a symphony: When one unit has the [Melody] ability, its own ability is also granted to all other units that also have [Melody]. In other words, they work together, and that teamwork can lead, for instance, to Sonata having a powerful skill shared by a grade 3 unit, sometimes unlocking synergies never seen before! Bermuda Triangle has always been a control clan that focuses on returning units back to the hand for [Draw]. With that, Bermuda players always had many cards in hand to [Guard] incoming attacks. Now with the Melody keyword, we might see a more combo-based deck in Bermuda Triangle, and that will certainly spice the clan up.

Colorful Pastorale Supply Gift Set is a luxury item, aimed directly at the mega fans of the clan. Its limited supply only makes this set more special and even more desired. Hurry up before you miss out on one of the collections of the year. The mermaids won't wait for you.