Set Information

Join the Carnival with V Special Series 03: Festival Collection

It’s celebration time! V Special Series 03: Festival Collection introduces the first collection that contains only reprints from past sets to Cardfight!! Vanguard! These reprints are in high demand since they are a must-have for any clan. The Festival Collection includes 132 cards (24 RR, 48 R and 60 C) and, unlike other sets, each pack includes only four cards. The manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of each V Special Series 03 booster pack is approximately 4,00 €.

Everyone Gets a Reprint!

The Standard format just recently celebrated its second year. The format has been largely successful, but this time period also means that the first Standard legal booster set, V Booster Set 01: Unite! Team Q4, was printed two years ago. This booster contained a lot of current staples, and this represented a real problem for newer players, since the availability of said cards is low while demand keeps increasing. Well, this is where V Special Series 03 has got you covered! This collection includes reprints for all the Perfect Guard cards with draw triggers and each pack has one of these cards in them, guaranteed. Since the format’s start, having a playset of Sentinels in your deck is crucial to guard against big attacks and having four of them in your deck maximizes the chance of having one in your hand when you need it. Vanguard players know that this can be the difference between victory and defeat, so Festival Collection covers this hole that kept new players from entering the format.

Time to Join the Standard Fight

In other news, V Special Series 03 includes 60 reprinted First Vanguards (FV) with new, updated text added when Order cards were announced. One problem that plagues virtually every trading card game is the advantage given to the player who goes first and Bushiroad, like many before it, has tried to adjust for this advantage, even going as far as giving a Quick Shield card when the First Vanguard is rode upon. Since Order cards were released years after the first sets, all FVs were errated and now reprinted with the correct text in Festival Collection.

V Special Series 03 also contains two high demand meta-defining cards for each clan. This includes cards like Skull Witch, Nemain, Little Sage, Marron, and Flame of Hope, Aermo. These cards were extremely scarce and newer players were gated from building decks that including them. Bushiroad does not have exactly have the best track record when it comes to reprints, but if products like V Special Series 03: Festival Collection continue to come out, we may see a berth of new Vanguard players jumping into Standard.