Set Information

Reprinting Has Never Been This Easy

Cardfight!! Vanguard OverDress is the latest season that Bushiroad delivers upon us. With it comes a lot of gameplay changes, like the introduction of the Ride Deck, but also some policy changes regarding reprints. D Special Series 01: Festival Collection 2021 is the first Special Series released and includes reprints from the Trial Decks launched last May 2021. This is a great proactive move since Trial Decks are selling like hot cakes in every local game store and can in a few weeks become quickly unavailable. As previously stated, Bushiroad grouped the old clans into five nations, meaning that every booster has surely something that can fit in everyone’s deck. Is this special collection a sign for a more aggressive reprint policy? Let’s find out.

Festival Collection 2021 includes 55 cards (55 RRR) plus 30 Parallels (30 SP), in which 45 are reprints from the D Start Decks (Ride deck card and trigger units). Each pack includes three cards, one new and two reprints. Since the main grade 3 units from the Start Decks didn’t have any Special Parallel rarity, D Special Series 01 includes SP versions of Nirvana, Bruce, Bastion, Magnolia and Seraph. The manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of each Festival Collection 2021 booster pack is approximately 4,00 €.

Festival Collection 2021: Toolboxes for Everyone

Since more than 80% of this collection are reprints from the five Start Decks that were released days ago, a lot of this collection is known already by the most attentive fans. Engines like Chakrabarthi Divine Dragon, Nirvana are a must in competitive builds of Dragon Empire decks since it provides the resources needed for the [overDress] mechanic endlessly. On the other hand, units like Diabolos, "Violence" Bruce are the only way to play the [Final Rush] mechanic, so a reprint even in a high rarity can bring down the price of chase units locked in a out-of-stock product.

Even with a high reprint percentage, each booster has a guaranteed new card in it. Harp Bow of Heavenly Music, Alfion is a new grade 3 with a high synergy with Apex Ruler, Bastion. If the Keter Sanctuary player has three or more grade 3 units, by paying [Counter Blast (1)], Alfion gets [Power]+5000 until the end of the turn, and if the player persona [Ride]s that turn, they get to draw an extra card. This is a card that isn’t a must in every decklist, but in the right situation can make a difference.

A Sign of What’s to Come

D Special Series 01 also has a lot of options for people that bought the Start Decks and are looking to spice their decks up. Cards like Twin Press Smasher can offer a more control-ish option to their Brandt Collection, while Knight of Friendship, Cyrus is a good way to dump your soul when Stoicheia is your nation of choosing.

Festival Collection 2021 isn’t a collection that promises to shift the meta, and that’s actually a great thing. The major appeal of this special set are the reprints and the subliminal message that comes with it: reprints are going to be staple in this edition. Trading card games are usually expensive and that’s the major gatekeep of new players looking to start their favorite deck. Let’s hope that Bushiroad keeps this trend.