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A New Beggining with Cardfight!! Vanguard OverDress

All trading card games can become stagnant if the designers do not spice things up every few sets. That’s why Bushiroad created the V Series format a couple years ago, and now it’s time for a new chapter - Cardfight!! Vanguard OverDress. Unlike previous formats, OverDress brings major changes in the game as we know it, the main one being the eradication of clans into nations. Major alliances were made between the old clans to establish a more powerful Planet Cray and the result was the creation of six nations: Keter Sanctuary, Dragon Empire, Brandt Gates, Dark States, Stoicheia, and Lyrical Monasterio.

The first booster set is also the first page of the OverDress chapter with D Booster Set 01: Genesis of the Five Greats, which includes support for the five main nations. This collection includes 120 cards (ten RRR, five ORR, ten RR, 30 R, and 65 C) plus an astounding 92 Parallel cards (two DSR, 40 SP, and 50 H). Each display is guaranteed an ORR card and a pack of four sleeves from seven character designs (at random). Genesis of the Five Greats also introduces the [Over] trigger for each nation, a new type of trigger that will have a huge impact on each Cardfight!! D Booster Set 01 releases on 21 May 2021 and the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of each booster pack is 3.99 €.

The Big Three: Clan Merge, Ride Deck, and OverTrigger

Gameplay wise, Cardfight!! Vanguard OverDress introduces the Ride deck, Bushiroad’s answer for “Grade Stuck” (when a player fails to [Ride]) that created a lot of one-sided games. With the Ride deck, each player selects a card of each grade off their main deck and sets them aside. Before they [Ride], by discarding one card, the player can [Ride] one card from their Ride deck that is one grade higher than their current Vanguard. This a massive improvement to the original rules, that can attract players with a more competitive mindset to the game.

The other big change is the introduction of [Over] triggers to the game. This new trigger is basically a Normal one in steroids: When checked, [Over] gives [Power]+100 million, PLUS a game changing effect that can easily turn a game to your advantage. The most iconic ones are Dragon Deity King of Resurgence, Dragveda, that [Stand]s the Vanguard when checked and Star Dragon Deity of Infinitude, Eldobreath that doubles the [Power] and [Critical] of all your front row units. However, you can play only one [Over] trigger in your deck and it only activates its effects during the player's turn, which makes it not entirely game-breaking (fortunately!).

D Booster Set 01, Home of Great Characters

OverDress brings a lot of new overall gameplay changes, but the refreshing new units and mechanics makes the most recent edition of Cardfight!! Vanguard a must have for every player.

Mysterious Rain Spiritualist, Zorga is a new [Ride] chain for Stoicheia that focuses on the Alchemagic keyword, which combines a Normal Order from the hand to one in the drop zone, combining the costs and the effects. Cardinal Deus, Orfist interacts with the new World Set Orders, creating Shadow Tokens if his World is Abyssal Dark Knight. Last that warrants a special mention, but not at all the least, Master of Gravity, Baromagnes has a powerful feel of nostalgia, since it has effects based on the number of cards in his soul, just like their ancestors.

Overall, OverDress was a step in the right direction, lore and gameplay-wise. Clans being merged gives the design team a much-needed flexibility when making new mechanics and keywords, which will bring back old players and invite new ones to try Cardight!! Vanguard as they never knew.