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The Usual Suspects in Light of Salvation, Logic of Destruction

Light of Salvation, Logic of Destruction is the sixth Extra Booster since the V Series started and, once again, fan-favourite clans like the Royal Paladin and Kagero get the spotlight. Joining them are the mecha battlers from Nova Grappler and the infamous beings from outer space of Link Joker. V Extra Booster 06 includes 46 cards (four VR, six RRR, eight RR, 12 R, and 16 C) plus 14 Parallel cards (four SVR, four OR, and six IMR) in which four of them are reprints. Available for purchase beginning 7 June 2019, the MSRP of each Light of Salvation, Logic of Destruction booster pack is 4,00 €.

It's the Start of a New World

Aichi Sendou's best knights are back! Royal Paladin is, by now, a well-known clan with high representation on all available formats in the Cardfight!! Vanguard TCG. Messianic Lord Blaster is the deity that all Royal Paladin, and more specifically, Blaster fans have been waiting for: a dominant Vanguard that can, on its own, establish a new attack column. Messianic Lord Blaster gets the original [Power] and [Critical] of all the allied Rear-Guards to himself. Furthermore, every time he drive checks a card with "Blaster" in their name, the Royal Paladin player may call that card to an open (RC). Even if the opponent can guard against this deadly attack, they sure still won't be able to handle all this pressure.

What if Dragonic Overlord came back, but this time he has a ripped dragon body? Dragonic Overlord the Great is back from the Legion Era ashes and he's here in the V Series to stay! When he enters the field, he gets to call an old friend, Dragonic Neoflame, from the drop zone to (RC). And just like every Overlord unit, Dragonic Overlord the Great has a self-[Stand] ability. At the end of the battle that he attacked, if he has a grade 3 in his soul, by paying [Counter Blast (1)] and discarding two cards, you [Stand] the Overlord as well as one Dragonic Neoflame, the old Legion partner of this ferocious dragon. With so much standing in a single clan, the adversaries won't be able to stand against Kagero players.

The original Beast Deity leader has been in slumber for X years, but no more. The Beast Deities are beast and dragon-modelled mechanical soldiers that are part of the Nova Grappler clan. Their commander-in-chief is Beast Deity, Azure Dragon and he's ready to take what is rightfully his. Just like other Nova Grappler units, his main mechanic is to [Stand] their own Rear-Guards after attacking and Beast Deity, Azure Dragon give this mechanic a whole new meaning. When he enters (VC), by paying [Counter Blast (1)], the Nova Grappler player gets to draw a card, call a unit from their hand to (RC), and automatically attack the opposing Vanguard with that same unit. If this attack doesn't hit, Azure will [Stand] this unit at the end of that battle. So, for the first time in Cardfight!! Vanguard, it's possible to attack without entering the battle phase and the record is set by Nova Grappler and their Battleroids.

Speaking of unique cards, Wandering Starhulk Deity, Brandt Ringer is an intriguing one. Link Joker I usually the antagonist in the anime series and in the TCG, it's usually a control-type deck. By paying [Counter Blast (1)], until the end of the opponent's turn, Brandt Ringer changes the effects of the opposing triggers to negative ones. Instead of the opposite Vanguards getting a +1 [Critical], they get -1 [Critical]. The same apply to the draw trigger, heal trigger, and front triggers. Brandt Ringer is without a doubt the most disruptive card ever printed and Link Joker players should be delighted.

Light of Salvation, Logic of Destruction is setting new records and establishing new limits in Cardfight!! Vanguard. Enter this world of new possibilities as soon as it releases. You won’t regret it.