Set Information

Justice Rains from Above with V Extra Booster 08

Everyone in the Cardfight!! Vanguard world knows that "Justice" is always a reference to the Dimensional Police clan and V Extra Booster 08: My Glorious Justice will not disappoint. However, the main star of this set is water itself, since Aqua Force and Granblue will be in the spotlight in the eighth Extra Booster of the V Series. The set will include 63 cards (three VR, six RRR, nine RR, 15 R, and 30 C) wherein 55 will be new and eight will be reprints.

The package illustration will feature Leon Soryu and an unknown Maelstrom unit, the fan favorite aqua dragon permanently associated with Leon. My Glorious Justice will release on 9 August 2019, so if you want to know more about giant robots, pirates, and navy seal officers, be sure to check back in July 2019 to learn more about the full expansion.