Set Information

Start Your Premium Collection with V Special Series 05: Premium Collection 2020

The Premium format has always been something of a pet project for Bushiroad, and that train seems to be continuing strong with V Special Series 05: Premium Collection 2020. This special set is only legal in Premium and their main goal is to provide support for all clans including Cray Elemental. Since Standard is out of the equation, the power level printed in this set is higher than a normal one, all with the intention of fulfilling the needs of the high-powered Premium formats. V Special Series 05 includes 57 cards (one GR, 24 RRR and 32 RR) and just like other Premium exclusives sets, each Premium Collection 2020 booster pack contains only three cards. The manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of each V Special Series 05 booster pack is approximately 4,00 €.

Master the Four Elements of Planet Cray

Just like the last Premium Collection, each clan has been granted a brand new [Stride] grade 4 unit and a new [Trigger] unit. This year’s collection adds a little spice to the mix though with eight Cray Elemental cards. All Cray Elemental cards are treated by the rules as being of all clans and nations, and as a result, Cray Elemental cards can be used in any deck regardless of clan. The units in this clan were primarily created to fix some meta issues in past years, but the new Cray Elementals might even compete with the best cards in the format!

Storm Element, Cycloned introduces a very popular theme in other trading card games to Cardfight!! Vanguard: interaction with “vanilla” units. Vanilla is the term used to describe skilless units, and they usually aren’t played in competitive decks.  However, Cycloned gives all vanilla units [Power]+5000. Additionally, whenever it [Drive Check]s a vanilla unit, it gets to [Stand] one of their rear-guards. If Cycloned got you curious, Rain Elemental, Zarzan will convince you to join the vanilla cult. Zarzan is a grade 1 unit that, when placed, by paying [Soul Blast (1)] and calling two skilless units, the player turns one face-down copy of Storm Element, Cycloned face up and draws two cards. With this ability, Zarzan gives a new meaning to value, since he alone activates Generation Break 1 and draws two cards on the first turn. Premium players should prepare for an aggro skilless deck that can win before the opponent gets the chance to [Stride] their favorite unit.  

24 Clans Means 24 Strides

On the other hand, V Special Series 05: Premium Collection 2020 main selling focus is the fact that everyone’s included. All 24 clans have two dedicated cards, one of which is a new [Stride] unit and the other a [Critical] trigger. This trigger has the ability of a [Stride] fodder, since it may be discarded as a grade 3 while paying the cost for [Stride]. This is huge since most players were obligated to play four grade 1 [Stride] fodder due to consistency issues, and with four slots open, players can bring their spicy tech.

The [Stride] units that V Special Series 05 brings are very up to date power-wise in the Premium meta, and even brings a lot of synergies with Standard units. That means that Standard players can update their deck with new [Stride]s and [Stride] fodders and are ready to prove that both formats can compete.