Set Information

Let Your Heart Sing with V Extra Booster 05 Primary Melody

The singing gods must be happy because V Extra Booster 05 has been announced with the first wave of support for the Bermuda Triangle clan. This booster will be released on 17 May 2019 and it includes 45 cards (six VR, three LIR, seven RR, 12 R, and 17 C), plus an outstanding 24 Parallel cards (six SVR, nine SP, and nine SSP). The sets in which Bermuda cards are included always have different and unique foil patterns for collectors and Cardfighters, and Primary Melody won't change this pattern. The SSP cards are a new type of rarity and each card will be signed by the voice actresses from Bermuda Triangle Colorful Pastrale. Since the Bermuda support usually comes once a year, the hype phase has already begun. So if you want to know more about Bermuda Triangle and their pop idols, be sure to check back in mid April 2019 to learn more about the full set.