Set Information

Keep Your Singers Close and Your Mermaids Closer

V Extra Booster 05: Primary Melody is about to hit the Standard format and, unlike the other extra boosters, only one clan is represented: the singing sea creatures of Bermuda Triangle.  Primary Melody includes 45 cards (six VR, three LIR, seven RR, 12 R, and 17 C) plus 24 Parallel cards (six SVR, nine SP, and nine SSP). The set is available for purchase beginning 17 May 2019, the MSRP of each booster pack is 4,00 €.

Introducing Highlander in Cardfight!! Vanguard

Bermuda Triangle is one of the oldest Cardfight!! Vanguard clans and has always had a strong fanbase. Bermuda is the globally popular mermaid idol group which is active in the deep seas of the marine nation "Magallanica". In the anime series, this clan isn't equipped with the strongest war-driven units, but what they lack in military power, they make up for in positivity and good vibes. However, in the trading card game, the Bermuda Triangle clan can easily be a contender for the best deck in both the Standard and Premium format. Primary Melody might just be the final push that the clan needs to be number one.

With the release of this booster, Primary Melody molds the Bermuda Triangle into a Highlander deck, a type of deck that triggers their winning conditions by having only one copy of each card in the entire deck. The inconsistency that might come with this premise is overcome with the powerful effects that the Highlander decks offer. Diva of Atlantea, Iryna fits this description: When placed on the Vanguard circle, the Bermuda player reveals ten cards from the top of their library. If all the Normal units revealed have different card names, at the end of the first battle of the turn, Iryna can [Stand] and attack again. Unparalleled Ingenuity, Loura can create her own a full field, since her players gets to reveal the top ten cards just like Iryna. If all have different names, she can then call any number of the revealed cards, and they get +10000 [Power] until the end of turn. The con of Iryna and Loura, besides the Highlander aspect, is that they're both grade 4, so they require an extra ride from a grade 3.

Bermuda Triangle also uses its own specific keyword, Melody. When one unit has the Melody ability, the ability is also granted to all other units with Melody. Colorful Pastorale, Sonata is one of the grade 3 units that has the Melody keyword, granting extra +5000 [Power] to all units with Melody. She also has a second activated ability that reveals cards from the top of the deck until a card with Melody is found. Then she calls that card to the Rear-Guard circle. So, with a Highlander-style and with synergies between Melody cards, Bermuda Triangle is taking the Standard format by storm.

Do Not Disturb, Primary Melody Is On

V Extra Booster 05: Primary Melody introduces the Highlander deck style that has never been seen before in the entire Cardfight!! Vanguard TCG history. If you are either a casual player or a competitive one, Bermuda Triangle is there for you with a unique playstyle. Put on your best headphones and hear the Melody, it’s a beautiful one.