Set Information

A Clash of Titans: V Collector's Set 01 Q4 vs. AL4

For many years, Cardfight!! Vanguard players have asked Bushiroad for more variety in their products like the tins or gift boxes that other trading card games usually offer. It seems like they listened to our emails and requests! The first V Collector's set releases on 10 November 2018 exclusively at CharaExpo USA 2018, a Japanese anime, manga, cosplay, and games event.

This new type of expansion consists of an album with eight foil cards and eight foil Gift Markers, featuring the two main Vanguard teams, Q4 and AL4, as well as their main units. Each album includes one foil unit of each character, like Aichi Sendou's Blaster Blade or Ren Suzugamori's Blaster Dark. The MSRP for Q4 vs. AL4 is $ 80.00 (approx. 69,05 €).

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Cardfighters get eight foil cards and eight Gift Markers illustrated with iconic units, but is that all? V Collector's Set 01: Q4 vs. AL4 also contains never before seen exclusive artwork of Blaster Blade, Blaster Dark, and Dragonic Overlord. The Gift Markers will feature illustrations of units, such as King of Knights, Alfred of the Royal Paladins, Imperial Daughter of the Oracle Think Tanks, Golden Beast Tamer of the Pale Moon clan, Dueling Dragon, ZANBAKU of the Murakumo clan, and more. This is exactly the type of product that vainglorious players seek to foil out their beloved clan.

The Plot Thickens

The theme of this set is the rivalry of the two main teams, Team Quadrifoglio (Q4) and Team Asteroid (AL4). The anime plot has revolved around these two groups since 2011, depicting friendship, competition, cooperation, and even betrayal. The units in this expansion are their "avatars", which are their own representations in the planet Cray.  If your avatar is Asura Kaiser or maybe Swift Archer, FUSHIMI, be sure to save some Euros to grab your full-art foil copy. The remaining units are Nightmare Doll Alice, Gwynn the Ripper, and CEO Amateratsu, so there’s plenty of options for everyone. Let’s just hope that V Collector’s Set 01: Q4 vs. AL4 is the first of many exclusive products that Bushiroad will deliver.