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Team Asteroid Is Back in V Booster Set 02: Strongest! Team AL4

The second main Booster Set in Cardfight!! Vanguard has arrived and is here to stay. This time, Bushiroad introduces Team Asteroid’s clans to the Standard format, including Ren Suzugamori’s Shadow Paladin, Tetsu Shinjou’s Dark Irregulars, Asaka Narumi’s Pale Moon, and Kyou Yahagi’s Murakumo. The set includes 84 new cards (4 VR, 8 RRR, 12 RR, 17 R, and 43 C) plus nine Parallel cards (4 SVR, 4 OR, 1 IMR), although there's also a chance of opening one of the four different SCR Gift Markers featuring one Team Asteroid character with the respective voice actor's hot-stamped signature. The MSRP of each Strongest! Team AL4 booster is 4,00 €.

We Part Only to Meet Again

A lot of old yet memorable units are back with even better skills and strategies.

Phantom Blaster Dragon has returned, which is certainly what all Shadow Paladin players will love to hear while they wait for the return of their favorite clan. The whole strategy revolves around creating resources to win the late game with Phantom Blaster Dragon's ability: By retiring three rear-guards and paying [Counter Blast (1)], he not only gets additional 15000 [Power] and plus 1 [Critical], but the opponent must also retire three rear-guards. And that’s not all the Abyss Dragon has to offer. While the opponent has four or fewer cards in his damage zone and no rear-guards at all, Phantom Blaster Dragon deals one direct damage to your opponent’s Vanguard. Combine this skill with the Force Imaginary Gift and the clan is back on track in the V Series.

The night is dark and full of irregulars. Dark Irregulars rises in the Standard scene with the help of old but updated ghosts, demons, and succubi. Using the Vanguard’s soul as a threshold to unlock certain abilities, this clan is all about units that either [Soul Charge] or are late game win-cons. One of the winning conditions is No Life King, Death Anchor, a unit that [Soul Charge (1)] when placed on (VC). And if the player has thirteen or more cards in their soul, it gains a second effect: After Death Anchor attacks, the player gets to ride a card from their soul after placing three rear-guards from the field and one card from the hand, all in the soul. Talk about an alternative self-[Stand]!

The ninjutsu clan also makes their debut in V Booster Set 02. Murakumo has an updated game strategy that introduces a prison-like deck with Dueling Dragon, ZANBAKU. While the player controls ZANBAKU and his two arresters, Right Arrester and Left Arrester, he can prevent the opponent from riding a grade 3 or greater unit from a grade 3 on his next ride phase. Combining this skill with Right Arrester, the opposing Vanguard won't be either able to [Stand] or ride during their own turn. Since Dueling Dragon, ZANBAKU also tutors for one of the two Arresters, this combo is easily executed, while the [Counter Blast] resources last.

The show must go on – with Pale Moon back and bouncier than ever! This clan has always used the Vanguard’s soul, not as a threshold like Dark Irregulars, but as a resource. Between gaining field advantage, performing extra attacks, and with the help of the Accel Imaginary Gift, Pale Moon enters the Standard format. Their main unit and unit "tamer" is Golden Beast Tamer. With five or more units, she gives her front row plus 3000 [Power]. While attacking, by putting a card from the player’s hand into her soul and [Counter Blast (1)], she can call up to two cards from her soul to (RC). With the help of other synergic units like Purple Trapezist, Pale Moon can perform extra attacks in the same battle phase, while maintaining field presence.

Choose Your Starter!

Cardfight!! Vanguard's main boosters always spice things up with so many new cards. The Standard meta is well defined by tiers, but any deck can compete with another, and Strongest! Team AL4 doesn’t disappoint. Abyss Dragons, demons, ninjas, or circus performers, all players can choose their favorite settings and start playing.