Set Information

The Final Chapter Is Told in The Astral Force

All prequels must end eventually. V Extra Booster 13: The Astral Force is one such to end, concluding the journey of Shinemon Nitta and his friends. This expansion gives further support for the trio, specifically the Time Lords of Genesis, the Nurse team of Angel Feather, and the Machine Tigers of Gear Chronicle. The Astral Force includes 62 cards (three VR, six RRR, nine RR, 15 R, and 29 C) + 19 Parallel cards (three SVR, six SP, seven SSR, and three IGR). Of the 62 cards, 54 are new cards and eight are reprints from previous sets. Each booster has an MSRP of 4,00 € and is available for purchase beginning on 3 April 2020.

Astral Plane in Plain Sightg

Starting with the protagonist, Shinemon Nitta pilots Genesis, the cosmic clan that uses the Astral Plane as their main mechanic. Astral Planes are special Rear-Guards where the player can call Astral Deities – powerful units with an enormous amount of [Power] and drive checks. Origin Deity of Heavenly Light, Uranus is the main ride of the deck. It transforms the back row center (RC) circle in an Astral Plane, ready to shelter Astral Deities. Not only does Uranus enable the Astral mechanic, but it can also [Stand] one Astral Deity with less than five drives. Opponents better not underestimate an Astral Deity swing, even without drives, for their own sake.

Doctor, Doctor Give Me the News!

In the medical world, Arch-aider, Malkuth-melekh has all infections under control. This angel is another tool that will help Angel Feather remain safely within the confines of tier one. When placed, by paying [Counter Blast (2)] and if the opposite Vanguard is a grade 2, Malkuth deals 1 direct damage. This skill changes if the opponent has a grade 3 or greater Vanguard, healing 1 damage from itself instead. Either way, this ability offers a considerable swing on both offense and defense. Once per turn, Malkuth can also call three cards to his drop zone and give them +5000 [Power]. However, the player must take 1 damage to activate this effect, so be sure you can survive the next turn!

Chronotiger Rebellion is the rebel archetype from Gear Chronicle. Unlike Chronojet, Chronotiger forgot his [Stride] ways and he's solely focused on the number of cards in hand. When it attacks, if there are five or less card in the players hand, Chronotiger retires two front row Rear-Guards. If the player has three or less, he gives his front row +10000 [Power]. If they have one or less, by turning all cards in the damage zone facedown, all the opponent's guardians get -5000 [Shield] until the end of the turn. For Chronotiger, less is more! A well-timed attack can win you the game on the spot.