Set Information

The Destructive Roar: Staring Mecha-Lizards, Giant Bugs, and Made-in-the-USA Ogres

After a great reception to the first main booster of the Cardfight!! Vanguard V Series, the first Extra Booster for Standard arrives on 2 August 2018. The Destructive Roar is an Extra Booster that offers support for the Tachikaze, Megacolony, and Spike Brothers clans. This set, contrary to the main sets, contains only 66 cards (3 VR, 6 RRR, 9 RR, 15 R, 33 C, 3 SVR, and 3 OR) and invokes, once again, one of the pillars that sustain the enthusiasm for the Standard format: the return of old units. Amongst them, we have Tyrant, Deathrex, Juggernaut Maximum (the first unit to be showcased in the original version of the anime back in 2011) and Machining Stag Beetle. Even though these aren't the key cards of the set, they have a notable importance in their respective decks. 

Ever since these cards appeared, the lore behind their decks hasn't change significantly. The Spike Brothers continue to be all about fantastical creatures such as ogres, succubi, and demons violently playing American football. Megacolony bases itself on a mafia group of insects. Tachikaze is themed around dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures with mechanical artillery equipment.

Each clan also has a different Imaginary Gift. The Spike Brothers has Force, a more midrange approach balancing offense and defense. Megacolony has Protect, which enables the player to win by controlling the board and extending the game state. Tachikaze has Accel, aggro-ing their way to victory. 

New and Old Vanguard Mechanics

Each of the featured clans in The Destructive Roar has their own specific mechanics and playstyle.

Megacolony has always taken advantage of the Paralyzing mechanic by tapping [Rest] the opponents' units thus preventing their units from untapping [Stand] in the next turn. The twist this new booster brings is that with a card like Machining Spark Hercules, you not only [Rest] the whole field, but also get to subtract 5000 to every opponent's unit until the end of that turn.

The Spike Brothers' playstyle is based on the Tag Team concept, wherein the card on the field tag teams with it's in-deck copy creating synergic effects. The main boss card is General Seifried. He not only tag teams a card on the field but he also has the ability to [Stand] one of your rear-guards when his attack hits.

Tachikaze introduces a completely new keyword to the game: Equip Gauge. The clan deserves special emphasis specifically because of this mechanic. Equip Gauge is publicly known as the soul of the rear-guards. Certain cards have an effect that involves placing the top deck card face down underneath their rear-guards. The deck, therefore, is based on the manipulation of the Equip Gauge mechanic and cannibalizing other units for its own benefit. The clan's boss card in this expansion is Ravenous Dragon, Gigarex who can deal direct damage if the player discards five Equip Gauges of one or more rear-guards. This synergy and resource management makes the deck difficult to manage but extremely rewarding for Tachikaze players.

V Series: A Refreshing However Still Incomplete Format

Spike Brothers, Megacolony, and Tachikaze join the other clans that already exist in Standard. Even though the card pool is significantly lower, the metagame is beginning to take shape and the approaching Bushiroad World Qualifiers will certainly confirm this. The average price of The Destructive Roar is 4,00 €.