Set Information

Round Three in the G Extra Era: The Galaxy Star Gate

The Galaxy Star Gate Vanguard expansion hit shelves in English on February 23rd, 2018. The budding expansion consists of 76 cards, including 1 Z-Rares, 3 Generation Rares, 6 Triple Rares, 12 Double Rares, 21 Rares and 33 Commons. Each booster display contains 12 booster packs and each pack contains seven cards. The expansion also contains 4 reprints, including three special triple rare reprints of Extreme Battler, Break-pass, Cosmic Hero, Grandbeat, and Companion Star Star-vader, Photon. Old reprints are okay, and certainly welcome in these sets, but what else are we getting, and what should we be watching out for.

Nova Grapplers, Dimension Police, and More Support

Returning archetypes are abound here in this new expansion… Specifically Nova Grapplers, Dimension Police, and Link Jokers are back to play. Dimensional Robot Daibalest, as an example, is a new support card that gives Dimensional Police welcome card draw when attacking vanguards. This is certainly quite powerful in the right situations. In addition, Dimensional Police are getting other support cards like Dimensional Robo, Daisupport which can be used to pump your other Dimensional Police, giving you a quick path to victory.

Nova grapplers are also getting new support, in the form of Extreme Battler Golshachi, whose resist makes it very hard to target and can gain a massive power increase given the right circumstances. This triple rare card, in conjunction with other powerful Nova Grapplers is sure to give your opponents a hassle when it comes to removing your cards.

Lastly, Link Jokers are also finding a lot of support in this set, with High Pressure Star-vader, Americium storming his way into the game, granting huge power at low cost, given a lot of restricted cards on your opponents side of the field.

A New Zeroth Dragon Appears

The One Z-rare of the set, Zeroth Dragon of Destroy Star, Stark, who provides a hell of a lot of power and three attacks a turn, given a particularly strenuous set of conditions being met. If someone can make it work, though, it's certainly will make a significant impact. Whatever your faction, this set provides all the excitement you need, so sleeve up your favorite cards from the set and show people the blazing power of your soul, warriors of the galaxy.