Set Information

A Hero Emerges in V Extra Booster 07: The Heroic Evolution

The seventh extra booster has been announced and things sure are looking divine in the Standard format: our Lord and savior Harmonics Messiah is back! The Heroic Evolution will include support for Link Joker, Kagero, and Nova Grappler plus a bit from the Star Gaze nation and Dragon Empire. V Extra Booster 07 will include 66 cards (three VR, six RRR, nine RR, 15 R, and 33 C) + 15 Parallel cards (three SVR, nine SP, three SCR, and three XVR) and will hit shelves on 12 July 2019. With such an amazing cast, things will surely get spicy! So if you want to know more about The Heroic Evolution, be sure to check back in mid-June 2019 to learn more about the full set.