Set Information

Grab Your Crystal Ball for V Extra Booster 10: The Mysterious Fortune

The Mysterious Fortune is the first Extra Booster that stars the new cast from the latest season of Cardfight!! Vanguard. This V Extra Booster brings a new shade to old clans like Great Nature, Gold Paladin, and Neo Nectar and includes 66 cards (three VR, six RRR, nine RR, 15 R, and 33 C) + 19 Parallel cards (three SVR, six SP, seven SSR, three IGR). Of the 66 cards from the set, 57 are new cards and nine are reprints from past Trial Decks/Boosters. V Extra Booster 10 is available for purchase beginning 20 December 2019 and the MRSP of each booster pack is 4,00 €.

Make Way for the New Villains

Esuka Hibino and her furry friends from Great Nature have the spotlight in this new triangle. She's a businesswoman that plans to buy Card Capital and absorb it into their card shop conglomerate, and with the help of Holy Great Sage of Black Shadows, Isabelle, she might just pull it off. Unlike other units, Great Nature cards have two effects in the same ability. Which one depends on whether the top card is a Normal or a Trigger unit. (You also mill said card.) That's where Isabelle comes in: She grants the option to perform both effects instead of just one, but only if the opposing Vanguard is at least the same grade as she is. This provides all Great Nature units twice the effects that the deck normally operates with including the second skill of 'Bella: If the card milled is a Normal unit, then she gets +15000 [Power] and if it is a Trigger unit, she puts the milled back to the player's hand. Talk about a furry powerhouse!

The shiniest of demons is also reporting to duty in this latest expansion! Knight of Fury, Agravain is once again the ace in the Gold Paladin army and can even win the game all by himself with the synergies between his two skills. The first one triggers when he attacks: By paying [Counter Blast (1)] and by putting all Rear-Guards into Agravain's soul, the player looks at X cards from the top of the deck, where X is the number of Rear-Guards called this turn and Superior calls any number of Rear-Guards to the field. The second ability needs an astounding 12 cards in the soul, but it's a game-winning one: Until the end of the turn, the opponent can only call Normal units, meaning that defending with triggers is off the table! Agravain is a true Vanguard.

Plant Tokens for Days

The dragon ruler of the flower kingdom has appeared and with it more support to the Plant Token mechanic! Neo Nectar has had the privilege to be the first clan to use the token mechanic in all Cardfight!! Vanguard history. Arboros Dragon, Sephirot used to be an old Ride chain that, just like all Ride chains, was inconsistent. Nowadays, Sephirot specializes in creating Plant Tokens by sacrificing a Rear-Guard. If the Neo Nectar player controls five or more Rear-Guards, Sephirot gains +10000 [Power] until end of turn. The lesson is simple: Life generates life.

V Extra Booster 10 brings flavor and color to the Standard meta. Even if a lot of cards aren't specifically designed for the best decks in the meta, all Cardfight!! Vanguard units always have a place in local tournaments and in kitchen tables. So, grab your favorite clan and stand up your Vanguard: A Mysterious Fortune is waiting for you.