Set Information

The Next Stage with a New Page of an Old Book

There's no doubt: V Extra Booster 14: The Next Stage main objective is to revive the units that the G Era brought. This Era introduced the [Stride] mechanic, which is the ability to ride grade 4 Vanguards from the Extra deck. Since [Stride] wasn't included in the V Series, Bushiroad chose some iconic G Era units and revived them instead. This includes Chronojet of Gear Chronicle, Altmile of Royal Paladin, and Ahsha of Neo Nectar.

The Next Stage includes 62 cards (three VR, six RRR, nine RR, 16 R, and 28 C) + 27 Parallel cards (three SVR and 24 SP). Due to COVID-19, the release date of Extra Booster 14 was delayed to 10 July 2020. The MSRP of each booster pack is 4,00 €.

Blaster Blades of the G Era

Chronojet was the face of Gear Chronicle, a clan introduced at the beginning of the G Era that always had a close relationship with the [Stride] mechanic. But since Bushiroad had no intention of including an Extra Deck in Standard, this mechanic wasn't added to the equation. However, Gear Chronicle has found its way back by including grade 4 units in the main deck and Superior riding them – and that's where Chronodragon Nextage enters.

Nextage is a target to Chronojet's Superior ride. At the end of a battle, (1) if it attacked a grade 3 or greater Vanguard, (2) if Chronojet is in his soul, and(3) by discarding two cards, Nextage is retired. The player then must [Ride] a Chronojet Dragon from his soul to [Stand] with +15000 [Power]. This allows the player to attack again with the Vanguard and perform two more drive checks than usual!! This is a suited revival to a suited contender to the best clan in the game.

Choose Your Poison: Sand or Flora

On the other hand, Altmile and his Sand Warriors get the same strategies without needing the help of grade 4 units. Their main objective was to overwhelm the opponent with grade 2 Rear-Guards – and some things never change.

Aerial Divine Knight, Altmile, by paying [Counter Blast (1)] and [Soul Blast (1)], gets to call one grade 2 from their deck and one from their drop zone to a Rear-Guard circle. But the spice of Aerial Altmile is in his continuous ability: If the player doesn’t have any face up cards in their damage zone, all grade 2 units get +10000 [Power], +5000 [Shield], and +1 Critical if a card with Altmile is in the soul! This way, all grade 2 units threaten with at least two damage while attacking and 10000 [Shield] while intercepting, giving the midrange fell the Royal Paladin are used to have while playing their deck.

Neo Nectar is considered the Lung of Cray, since it represents all the green ecosystems – and even uses them to obtain victory in the Cardfight!! Vanguard battlefield. Their queen is back on the throne and has adapted to the new mechanics that the V Series delivered to this clan with the token strategy.

Dream-spinning Ranunculus, Ahsha focuses on having units with the same name as her. If she achieves that, during her turn she gets +10000 [Power] and +1 Critical depending on the number of units with her exact name. This might be a difficult task in theory, but by using her second ability to create an Ahsha Flower Fairy Token that shares (you guessed it!) the same name as her, this requirement becomes a piece of cake. Bow down to the queen, while she allows it!