Set Information

Three Heros in One Set with V Extra Booster 14: The Next Stage

The only thing better than three Trial Decks introducing three new units with new strategies is having a booster right after with support for said units!

V Extra Booster 14 will give wings to Chronojet, Altmile, and Ahsha – the three boss cards introduced in the latest Trial Decks that represent Gear Chronicle, Royal Paladin, and Neo Nectar respectively. The Next Stage will include 62 cards (three VR, six RRR, nine RR, 16 R, and 28 C) and an unconfirmed number of Parallel cards. But since it's Bushiroad we're talking about, expect a lot more bling. The official release will be on 5 June 2020.

The G Era is back and it's ready to take over. Will the older archetypes be enough to contain such hype? Be sure to check back in May 2020 to learn more about the full set.