Set Information

Spring it up with V Trial Deck 12: Ahsha

Third time's the...flower? Ahsha, the queen of flowers of the Neo Nectar clan, will be back from the G Era in this unique Trial Deck. Just like Chronojet and Altmile, Ahsha has an intrinsic connection with grade 4 [Stride] units; however, her strategy mainly revolves around making copies of units on the battlefield and trigger effects when she does so.

The V Series introduced Token units to the Neo Nectar plans, so maybe this unique type will have a role in this Trial Deck as well. V Trial Deck 12: Ahsha will include a ready-to-play 50-card Neo Nectar deck with 12 new cards and four reprints from past boosters. The set be released on 8 May 2020.

This clan is blossoming with the Spring, so if you want to witness the sunrise, be sure to check back in April 2020 to learn more about the full set.