Set Information

Aichi Sendou's Knights Hold the Line in V Trial Deck 01

V Trial Deck 01: Aichi Sendou is the first of the new V-line of Trial Decks, as its name would suggest. It contains 50 cards, three Force Gift Markers, a Guide, and Playmat. It has an approximate manufacturer standard retail price (MSRP) of 11,50 €. The deck focuses on its titular character Aichi Sendou from the anime thus, is built around the Royal Paladin clan, with headlining cards like Alfred Early, Blaster Blade, and Knight Squire, Allen taking up the triple rare slots. The deck is, of course, meant for beginners to give them a path into the game, but there are awesome cards in this expansion for any player interested in the Royal Paladin clan.

Alfred Early, Stardrive Dragon, and a Blade

To start off, let us look at the boss monsters of the deck, as well as their tools. Alfred Early, as discussed earlier, is one of the RRR cards in the Trial Deck, but it is more than just rare. It’s a whopping 13000 power Grade 3 monster who, when his effect is activated, calls up the deck's Blaster Blade and gains 10000 extra power on the same turn. Additionally, when his effect is activated, you draw a card, meaning he can generate some real card advantage, as well as tutor up a key card for your deck.

Speaking of that key card, Blaster Blade is a 10000 attack Grade 2 monster who gains critical +1 if you have four or more rear-guards. Additionally, he can instantly retire any opposing rear-guard in the front, making him incredibly useful as a means to control your opponent's board. Considering you have five total ways of getting Blaster Blade in the deck, you should have no trouble consistently getting this crucial piece of removal out.

Stardrive Dragon is the other Grade 3 Paladin in this expansion, who gains 5000 power when attacking a vanguard while you have three or more rear-guards. Keeping your rear-guard count high will be crucial for success in this outing. However, these flashy boss monsters aren't all you'll get here, which you will see as soon as you take a look at some of the supporting cast.

A Squire, Yggdrasil's Maiden, and a Strong Knight

Knight Squire, Allen, another RRR from the deck, acts as a method of accelerating out your board, calling a card with a Grade less than or equal to your vanguard from your hand to (RC). Additionally, if you choose to do this, you draw a card, meaning you do not lose card advantage. The Squire isn't the only knight here though, as Strong Knight, Rounoria allows you to discard a card and protect any unit until end of turn, a powerful effect if your opponent can only attack you. Overall, this new Cardfight!! Vanguard deck provides any player an interesting, synergistic Paladin deck that they can play around with and improve, so get out there and sleeve up those knights and squires!