Set Information

Strive to Stride with V Trial Deck 10: Chronojet

Before the V Series there was the G Era. In this era, the first extra deck cards released were named Stride Units. V Trial Deck 10: Chronojet is the first V Trial Deck to bring back old G characters, and this will be a big one!

Gear Chronicle was the clan introduced in the G Series, and it’s a clan solely based on [Stride], an old mechanic that called units from the extra deck with a lot of [Power] and three [Drive Check]s instead of two. Chronojet was their pet card, a grade 3 unit that triggered effects when the player used [Stride].

V Trial Deck 10 will include a ready-to-play 50-card Gear Chronicle deck with 12 brand new cards and four reprints. The set will be released on 8 May 2020.

Will Bushiroad be able to re-enact the [Stride] mechanic without using an extra deck? Be sure to check back in April 2020 to find the answer.