Set Information

V Trial Deck 06: Naoki Ishida Has Dragons and Lighting Bolts

V Trial Deck 06 launches the Narukami clan to the Standard meta with their own preconstructed deck. Each Trial Deck includes 50 cards, three Accel Gift Markers, a beginner’s guide, a paper playmat, and four holographic cards. It releases on 8 February 2018 with a manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of 14,99 €.

This deck also introduces Naoki Ishida to the Cardfight!! Vanguard series, a beloved character known for his energy and thirst to win through self-improvement and hard work.

Let the Heavens Rage!

Narukami was a clan created by members of the Kagero clan after their mysterious disappearance. However, Narukami power comes from thunder and lighting and includes beings other than dragons like djinns, humans, and even humanoid dragons.  In Japanese folklore, Narukami was an acolyte that was tricked by the goddess Taema-hime and became a god himself, the god of thunder. In the battlefield, Narukami is an aggressive clan that focuses on disrupting the opponent's field by binding rear-guards and powering-up their own units for each empty rear-guard circle (RC) in the opposite side.

Naoki Ishida's preconstructed deck includes cards like Great Composure Dragon, a unit that gains [Power] in both battle phases for each empty (RC) in the opponent's front row. The unit gets +5000 [Power] during the Narukami player's turn and +3000 [Power] during the adversary's turn. This effect applies while Composure Dragon is on (VC) or (RC), so this thunder dragon is solid both offensively and defensively.

Fortunately, this deck also includes the setup for effects like Great Composure Dragon's with units like Recklessness Dragon and Excess Streak Dragon. Both dragons bind a rear-guard in their opponent's front row when placed on the battlefield by paying [Counter Blast (1)] and [Counter Blast (1)] / [Soul Blast (1)] respectively. As they gain [Power], your opponent gets pressured while you control the board state. Adding the bonus that is the Accel Imaginary Gift, Narukami can hit big numbers and fry opposing units. Attack and control like a true midrange deck.

Are You Ready for 1.21 Gigawatts?

Trial Deck 06: Naoki Ishida is a preconstructed deck, making it an excellent starting point to new players. It also sets the pillars of the Narukami clan for upcoming sets, providing solid units that will see play in the most competitive tournaments. If big dragons touched by Zeus himself is your thing, be sure to grab your copy before it zaps.