Set Information

Schokolade Melody Is a Song, so Sing It!

The V Series has just begun and the eighth preconstructed deck has already been announced: V Trial Deck 08: Schokolade Melody. This set introduces the Bermuda Triangle clan to the Standard format – a globally popular mermaid idol group who performs in the deep blue seas of the nation Magallanica. Bermuda Triangle has always had vivid supporters who are waiting to bring their mermaids to the Vanguard battlefield once again. Each deck includes 50 cards, three Force Gift Markers, a guide, and a playmat.

V Trial Deck 08: Schokolade Melody will be released on 12 April 2019, so if you want to know how to cardfight while singing, then be sure to check back early March 2019 to learn more about the full Trial Deck.