Set Information

V Trial Deck 08: Karaoke in Cray

The best singers of planet Cray are introduced to the V Series for the first time ever in Trial Deck 08: Schokolade Melody. The mermaid clan, also known as Bermuda Triangle, is ready to charm their way to victory.

Each trial deck includes 50 cards, three Force Gift Markers, a beginner’s guide, a paper playmat, and four different holographic cards. It has a manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of 14,99 € and is available beginning 12 April 2019. This pre-constructed deck introduces the Bermuda Triangle to the V Series.

Turn Up the Volume in Shokolade Melody

The Bermuda Triangle clan is an odd one: Instead of seeking glory or getting ready for the next big war, these mermaids spend their time becoming famous pop idols and releasing sweet melodies for the world to enjoy. Don't let their peaceful intentions in the Cardfight!! Vanguard anime series fool you though. Bermuda has always been a solid clan and has provided a ton of strong decks throughout the game's history.

In the V Series and in this Trial Deck, Bermuda cards trigger abilities after at least one Rear-Guard has been called during the said turn or when the player controls five or more Rear-GuardsFull Full Appeal, Falulu is an excellent example: By paying [Counter Blast (1)] she gets +15000 [Power] until the end of turn and, if the player controls five Rear-Guards, they get to draw an extra card. Falulu also has an [CONT] ability, where she gets +5000 [Power] until the end of turn if a Rear-Guard was called.

However, Falulu's not doing a solo performance. She has some companions to sing alongside her! Choco Love Heart, Liselotte is one of them. Liselotte is a grade 2 that can be called as a grade 1allowing Bermuda to play an aggro strategy. Calling a grade 2 a turn sooner and setting up early attacks can push the opponent to a game state they won't be able to stabilize. Liselotte also gets an extra ability. When placed, the Bermuda player gets to look at the top card of their deck and either call to (RC) or put into their soul. This skill can set up the five Rear-Guards necessary for Falulu to thrive.

A "Mermazing" Way to Start Your Journey

The Bermuda Triangle premise has been set with this starter deck. Trial Decks have always been an excellent starting point to the game, but even hardcore Bermuda fans can get a taste of this preview before future support comes out for the clan. Schokolade Melody is a song, so sing it!