Set Information

Toshiki Kai's Dragon's Roar in V Trial Deck 02

The second V Trial Deck centers on Toshiki Kai, a Kagero clan user with dragons galore. It comes with a preconstructed deck consisting of 50 cards, three Force Gift Markers, a guide, and a playmat. It has a manufacturer standard retail price (MSRP) of approximately 11,50 €. All the Trial Decks will come with these though, so what makes this deck special? This expansion is special because of its focus on the Kagero clan. Four of the included cards are triple rare and it sports boss dragon monsters like Draconic Overlord and Crested Dragon. This deck is tailored toward new players, but there is a lot to like here, even for Cardfight!! Vanguard oldies.

All Hail Your Draconic Overlord

Draconic Overlord is the main boss monster of the deck and for good reason. A Grade 3 13000 power monster, the Overlord can pump himself and give himself drive-1 for the high cost of two cards discarded from the hand. A 23000 power attacker (post buff) is nothing sneeze at.

Players will also gain access to the Crested Dragon, a 13000 power Grade 3 monster who, like his Trial Deck 01 counterpart, gets 5000 power based on the number of opposing rear-guards. These two creatures make up the Grade 3 monsters, but they are joined by 15 other Grade 2 monsters, from the 10000 power Dragon Knight, Nehalem, who retires opposing back-row rear-guards to the Embodiment of Shield, Rahm, a 10000 power generic monster with some cool flavor text. However, the beaters aren't the only stars of the show.

Some Dragon Monks, A Lizard, and Yet Another Knight

There are several dragon monks in this trial deck, with Dagon Monk, Genjo offering some incidental HEAL and Dragon Monk, Gojo acting as a pretty big beater for a Grade 1 monster. Lizard Runner, Undeux is a Grade 0 monster that is simple but quite effective, offering a card if it is rode upon, which is very in-theme for a mount. Lastly, the Dragon Knight, Burj is a Grade 1 6000 power monster that can, like his grade 2 counterpart, retire opposing rear-guards. If you like dragons and are looking for some new introductory cards or you simply like Toshiki Kai from the anime, then this is the expansion for you!