Set Information

The Bling Arrives in Twinkle Melody

2020 was a rough year, but 2021 has started with a melody! The maestro is, as always, Bushiroad, and their Bermuda Mermaids are the lead singers and they promise an unforgettable new year. Twinkle Melody is the latest extra booster that fully focus on supporting the Bermuda Triangle clan, and not only their multiple subclans like Riviere, Coral, and Pacifica, but also the [Highlander] and [Melody] decks.

V Extra Booster 15: Twinkle Melody includes 50 cards (one LIR, four VR, seven RRR, eight RR, 13 R, and 17 C) and in typical Bermuda fashion, it also introduces new special rarities for the biggest fans (one ASR, 26 SP, and six OCR). The first addition is the Original Costume Rare, which puts the revamped units in their original costumes from their original cards released years ago. The second new rarity has characters featured in their swimwear. The final rarity, and the biggest change, comes in a different language – the mermaid language! That's right, the collection includes a must-have card in which the English characters are replaced by mermaid ones.  Even with all this sweet stuff, the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of each booster pack is still just 4,00 €.

There Is Nothing Like Being on Stage

Who says that the show can't start with the main singer? School Etoile, Olyvia, once the ultimate finisher during the G Era for Bermuda Triangle, is back to the main stage with a new version. When the new Olyvia attacks a Vanguard, she chooses up to five of her Rear-Guards. If all of them happen to have different card names, she [Stands] all the chosen cards. If she [Stands] three or more units, she gets [Critical]+1 until the end of that battle. This means Olyvia can launch a full assault by making extra Rear-Guard attacks and pressuring the opposing Vanguard with her own attack with her two base [Critical].

On a different stage is Star on Stage, Plon. Her main goal is boosting the "Melody" decks with a never-before-seen skill: during each main phase and battle phase, Plon gets all abilities of all cards with Melody in her soul. This opens a million interactions and possible combos using the Bermuda Triangle card pool with the Melody keyword, making this archetype unique and fun. However, Plon is not done yet, since she also has a second ability that can be game-breaking. By paying [Counter Blast (1)] and putting a Rear-Guard with Melody into her soul, she gets to draw a card, and if her opponent's vanguard is grade three or greater, she gets an Imaginary Gift: Force, Accel, or Protect. She really is the ultimate toolbox, since the player can choose the right Imaginary Gift depending on their certain situation.

The best thing about V Extra Booster 15: Twinkle Melody is that it is packed full of cards and all have a home in the various subclans that Bermuda Triangle has to offer. Regardless of your archetype allegiance, Twinkle Melody has the right tune for your needs, so be sure to turn up the radio and enjoy the new year vibes this 22 January 2021.