Set Information

The First Expansion in a New Era: V Booster Set 01: Unite! Team Q4

The V Booster Set era begins with Unite! Team Q4, a new expansion that contains 84 cards, split into four VR, eight RRR, 12 RR, 17 R, and 43 C. Additionally, there will be nine parallel cards. The set introduces the new "Vanguard Rare (VR)" – a new rarity to replace the Z Rares of previous sets. Each pack includes seven cards, two of which are guaranteed to be a rare or greater. The expansion contains support for the Royal Paladin, Oracle Think Tank, Kagero, and Nova Grappler clans.

The Oracle Think Tank Has Some New Toys

The Oracle Think Tank clan is bringing some powerful cards to play. One of the Grade 3 cards is Imperial Daughter, which allows you to look at the top two cards, put one in your hand, and then choose whether to put the other on top of your deck or not. The card replaces itself, and lets you filter the top of your deck, so what's not to like! Additionally, she combos with another powerful Grade 3 Oracle Think Tank card – CEO Amaterasu. This card, like the Imperial Daughter, also lets you draw a card and then decide whether you want the top card on the top or on the bottom. Furthermore, CEO Amaterasu has an automatic effect that gives itself an extra 5000 power every time you look at your deck. This is a common theme among oracles. This card's power will spike quickly once on the field and will let you take advantage of your Think Tank deck-searching effects.

Nova Grapplers, Kagero, and Royal Paladins Oh My!

Royal Paladins are getting cards like the King of Knights, Alfred. This card allows you to search your deck for up to one Blaster Blade, then it gains a ton of power when you manage to have Blaster Blade out. Nova Grapplers get Asura Kaiser as one of their Grade 3s. The card lets you pump your rear-guards if you reveal a Grade 2 or greater card when your drive check happens. Kagero players are getting cards like Cruel Dragon, a 13000 power Grade 3 that can be called even when your Vanguard is Grade 2 or less.

Whatever your clan of choice, this expansion has plenty of cards (plenty more than what was mentioned here) that makes it well worth the wait. So, crack those Unite! Team Q4 packs open and start collecting shiny new VRs.