Set Information

The Return of the Old Dragon King in Valiant Sanctuary

Valiant Sanctuary is the latest special series collection that Bushiroad has delivered, and, unlike other sets, V Special Series 06 is ultra-focused on a popular unit that brushed off all competition in the previous G Era. We are talking about the founder of the nation, Grand Sanctuary, before being split into the United Sanctuary and Dragon Empire. He is mainly known as Sanctuary Guard Dragon and he's ready to take the Royal Paladin clan and the V Series meta by storm.

Each package collection includes five new cards, distributed in 14 cards in total, a small storage box, a special edition deck holder, a pack with 70 special edition sleeves, and a bonus pack of three clan dice. The manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of each collection is 35,00 € and it hit the shelves on 22 January 2021.

Sanctuary Sunshine Your Way to Victory

Even with a low card count, Valiant Sanctuary offers a powerful boost to all Royal Paladin core decks. The main protagonist and the face of this collection is Sanctuary Guard Dragon, the key unit you're looking to [Ride] on your third turn. Boosted by the union of this dragon and an infantry, if a grade one unit is present on Guard Dragon's side of the battlefield, the original [Critical] becomes two, making each Sanctuary Sunshine, his iconic attack, a threat to end the game. However, the Dragon King still has a few more tricks up his scales. At the end of the battle, if Guard Dragon attacked while not boosted, and by paying [Counter Blast (1)], [Rest]ing three back row grade one Rear-Guard units and discarding a card from the hand, Sanctuary Guard Dragon [Stand]s and gives all his front row units [Power]+10000. Don't forget that Sanctuary Guard Dragon's first skill is still active, so both attacks are with two [Critical].

The Power of Bonds

As stated above, Sanctuary Guard Dragon needs his units to achieve his full potential and Valiant Sanctuary provides a few additions to the Royal Paladin roster. Knight of Conquest, Wigstan, and Authoritative Knight, Ballizal are two loyal companions that can help the Dragon King achieve victory over any clan. Wigstan is a grade 2 unit that gains [Power]+5000 for each of his back-row grade 1 Rear-Guards. His second ability helps fill the back row with those precious grade one Rear-Guards by paying [Counter Blast (1)] and searching for one of the top seven cards from the top of the deck. One possible hit is Ballizal since he's a grade one, packed with two abilities of his own. When Ballizal is placed on the Vanguard Circle, the player can look at the top seven cards from the deck and can search for either Wigstan or Sactuary Guard Dragon. To synergize with his Dragon, Ballizal gives [Power]+10000 when his Vanguard with Sanctuary Guard attacks, giving the extra edge for the two brutal attacks when Sanctuary Guard Dragon activates his second skill.

Overall V Special Series 06 is the perfect way to upgrade your Royal Paladin deck, not only by a power standard, but also a flavor one since you can now control the one that created the nation that evolved into the two most popular factions. Be sure to be quick and grab your copy while stock lasts.