Set Information

Enter the 4th Dimension with V Booster Set 04: Vilest! Deletor

Vilest! Deletor is the fourth main booster released in the Cardfight!! Vanguard V Series. In this chapter, Team Asteroid and the infamous Kouji Ibuki get some love and support for their main clans: Ibuki's Link Joker, Ren's Shadow Paladin, Tetsu's Dark Irregulars, Asaka's Pale Moon, and Kyou's Murakumo.

This set includes 84 new cards (five VR, eight RRR, 12 RR, 17 R, and 42 C) plus 22 Parallel cards (5 SVR, 5 OR, 5 DR, and 7 VDR). The MSRP of each V Booster Set 04: Vilest! Deletor booster pack is 4,00 €.

Aliens, Abyss, Shurikens, Masks, and a Carnival

Starting with the new toys, Link Joker gets their promised support after an incredible Trial Deck. The main mechanic of the deck is deleting the opposing Vanguard (nullifying the base [Power] and all abilities) and binding the opponent's Rear-Guards when a specific attack hits. The commanding general of this alien race is Waving Deletor, Greidhol, a unit that by paying [Counter Blast (1) & Soul Blast (1)] chooses one of the opponent's Rear-Guards to [Bind] it. Furthermore, if Greidhol was ridden from a grade 3 unit, he gets to [Delete] the opposite Vanguard and even gains an extra 1 [Critical] until end of turn. Link Joker is well represented with Deletors and fans of this clan should be pleased.

At the same time, Shadow Paladins thrive in the abyss as they get their second finisher: Gust Blaster Dragon, the incarnation of evil. When Gust Blaster Dragon attacks, by sacrificing two of his own Rear-Guards and by paying [Counter Blast (1)], the Shadow Paladin player draws a card, makes the opponent choose one of their Rear-Guards to retire it, and gets +10000 [Power]. But that's not all folks! Each time a Rear-Guard is sacrificed, Gust Blaster gains 1 [Critical] if he has a grade 3 unit in the soul with "Blaster" in its card name. This ability stacks, making an attack with Gust Blaster Dragon possibly lethal. Vilest! Deletor also offers some ways to generate fodder with cards like Dark Bond Trumpeter, that can search for a card with 5000 [Power] in her deck and call to one (RC). Buckle up because the dark side of planet Cray has something to say.

The Ninjutsu arts of Murakumo reappears in Vilest! Deletor as well. Considered as one of the strongest decks in Standard by many, Murakumo gets an alternative win condition to their lockdown combo with Dueling Dragon King, ZANGEKI. ZANGEKI uses his side arms, Right Arrester, and Left Arrester to gain bonus abilities: If Left Arrester is in his front row, he gets +5000 [Power]; if Right Arrester is in his front row, ZANGEKI gets +1 [Critical]. In addition, by having a Dueling Dragon card in his soul, his opponent cannot call cards other than grade 0 units from their hand to the Guardian circle, limiting the opposition's defense options. If Murakumo was already top tier, V Booster 04 further gives the tools to become the number one deck.

The faceless king, King of Masks, Dantarian, is back at the Dark Irregulars' spotlight. As is well known by now, Dark Irregulars have a strong connection with their soul, so they use and abuse this resource by the orders of the king himself. Dantarian Soul Charges (2) each time an opponent's Rear-Guard is retired, gives +5000 [Power] to three of his Rear-Guards each time a grade 2 or greater unit is put into his soul, and can call grade 2 or greater units from his soul to the Guardian circle when the opponent attacks. A swiss army knife in a single card, King of Masks, Dantarian can give Dark Irregulars enough leverage to compete against Standard powerhouses.

The freak show of Pale Moon is a fantastic way to finish this great set. The show must end some time, and Gun Salute Dragon, End of Stage provides the final trick to the perfect act. Salute Dragon is a self-stander, which means he can attack twice each battle phase: (1) At the end of the battle it attacked in, if his soul has zero cards, he can put two cards from his hand and all his Rear-Guards into his soul to [Stand] and can perform an extra attack. His second ability provides the perfect setup for the self-stand. (2) He can Soul Blast all the cards from his soul when riding from a grade 3 unit, and by doing that, he gets +5000 [Power] and his opponent can't call sentinels for that battle. Some cards need synergy, others like Gun Salute Dragon, End of Stage provides the full show in a single unit.

Stirred, Not Shaken

Each time a new main booster comes out, a variety of support is released to stir the waters of Standard. Will one of these five clans stand out from the others? Time will tell, so enjoy the ride!