Cardmarket in 2021

22.02.2021 10:44

Cardmarket in 2021

Dear users,

2020 was a year where we successfully refactored many important old pages on our website – two of the biggest being the Wants List and Shopping Wizard. It was also a year where we introduced a new currency to Cardmarket, as well as the infrastructure for potentially adding more in the future. Because of these many changes to our marketplace, we would like to share some of our plans for 2021.

Website Performance

We know that our platform is a core part of the lives of many of our users, and it is our commitment to you that we provide a sustainable, performant platform. We are doing everything we can to improve the stability of Cardmarket's servers and performance. We want to assure all our users that we are taking all the necessary steps to prevent these issues from occurring down the road.

The Cardmarket API

Another exciting topic for us in 2021 is the Cardmarket API. The API is an important tool for many of our users, and we realize that there are so many things it can still do. This year, we will focus some of our resources on restructuring and rebuilding our current API. This means three things.

  • Our API will receive some new options, many of them requested by you, our users.
  • Our API will receive better documentation, making it easier for developers to connect and build applications with it.
  • We will commit more resources to provide technical assistance for the API. This should help make sure that any questions developers have about our API are dealt with more quickly and in a timely fashion.

Stock and Inventory Management

One of the larger features that we will work on is Cardmarket's Stock and Inventory management. While we have applied a new lick of paint too much of the Cardmarket website, one area we haven't changed is the way you list products on Cardmarket, and more importantly, how you manage your inventory of cards that you put on sale.

You might already have taken a survey that we're currently conducting to receive input from users like yourself on what you would like to improve here. We're excited to work on it and hope to bring you a great experience when it comes to listing and managing your offers.

Shopping Wizard

Another popular feature on Cardmarket – and one that has received a lot of feedback in recent months is the shopping wizard. We know this is one of the tools that make Cardmarket so unique. We are constantly looking into developing new algorithms and ways to make the shopping wizard faster, and importantly, more accurate.

Please keep in mind, however, that the Shopping Wizard will always be an experimental feature. And even though we're constantly putting resources toward updating the search algorithms, it may take some time for users to notice the actual results.

We hope that sharing these updates with you provides you with a better understanding of Cardmarket's goals for this year, and we look forward to your feedback on these topics.

A big thanks to all our users for making Cardmarket the best TCG community out there!

Your Cardmarket Team