Cardmarket Welcomes Flesh and Blood!

10.01.2022 13:00

Cardmarket Welcomes Flesh and Blood!

Happy New Year to all our Users!

Flesh and Blood

We're kicking things off with a bang, bringing one of the hottest TCGs not-yet-on-Cardmarket to the platform. Starting today, Flesh and Blood is on Cardmarket! That means buying. That means selling. And everything else that comes with being a game on Cardmarket! We've been in talks with Legend Stories Studios—the creators of the game–for a while and have also become the studio's official European Partner. We've already made sure the game has a healthy selection on launch so feel free to peruse the product. If you're completely new to Flesh and Blood and are interested in an introduction to the game and its mechanics, check out the Flesh and Blood YouTube channel, which has content for beginners, or our Ira Welcome Deck Expansion page, which also introduces new players to the game. If you're interested in selling Flesh and Blood products but don't have any, feel free to register with Blackfire. You can find all the newest Flesh and Blood products on their website! 

That's not all though! We've got a nice little set of prizes for early participants in Cardmarket's Flesh and Blood marketplace. The first 100 private buyers who complete a purchase will receive an official Everfest-themed Flesh and Blood playmat, which you can find more about at 16:00 on our Expansion and Spoiler pages, along with Cardmarket's Flesh and Blood social media channels (FacebookTwitter, and Instagram). 

We're happy to welcome the Flesh and Blood community to our platform and look forward to seeing the market grow and develop as players have easier, cheaper, and better access to the most important cards in the game. 

Happy Shopping! 

Your Cardmarket Team