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Being Strong Doesn't Always Mean Hitting the Hardest

Do you play videogames? Do you remember starting out as a complete "noob"? How did you first approach the challenges posed by the game? What strategies did you adopt? Well, some say offense is the best defense, and while that may be true at times, the heroine of our story wholeheartedly disagrees: Meet Kaede, known in-game as Maple, who's decided she'd rather be safe than sorry and put all of her available skill points on the defense stat! The result? Her movements are rather slow and clumsy, and her attacks don't hurt a lot, but on the bright side, most enemies are unable to get through her armor, allowing her to easily (albeit slowly) defeat them after they have exhausted themselves attacking her!

Follow her story as she develops this unusual (but effective) strategy and eventually becomes one of the strongest players in the game!

BOFURI: I Don't Want to Get Hurt, so I'll Max Out My Defense... What?!

It's a mouthful, isn't it? But despite its name, BOFURI isn't all about defense and stalling, and actually brings quite a few innovative and flavourful designs to the tcg world of Weiss Schwarz.

Take as an example Moment Between the Two, Maple. It is the quintessential Maple card, being astoundingly nine times bigger on defense than on offense! The level 1 combos you can do with this card are also interesting and explicitly reference the peculiarities of our heroine. Then there is Guild Master, Maple who has the potential to become enormous and wall out the opponent with a bit of setup. Keep in mind, however, that this effect is not actually tied to playing a climax. Finally, Walking Fortress, Maple can untap any massive freshly standby-ed characters, enabling you to reap the benefits of this powerful trigger right away.

At the other end of the spectrum you'll find Battle-Ready Force, May and Battle-Ready Force, Yui, both wielding the increasingly less common +2 Soul climax. in the show, the twins are the exact opposite to Maple, having spent all of their skill points on strictly offensive abilities, which makes it very appropriate that their abilities would activate whenever the opponent cancels massive swings or when leveling up, respectively.

Level 3 cards are a bit less inspired in general. Loving Sacrifice, Maple is exactly the profile everyone expected to see in this set, which doesn't mean it's bad - just hardly original. The exception here would be Atrocity, Maple, whose finishing ability is rather potent, granting three additional instances of damage. But she is also extremely costly with the added drawback of not being able to resolve multiples since the cost includes getting rid of the climax in play.

BOFURI releases worldwide on 21 May 2021 as Booster Displays and Trial Decks.